Ebony magazine staffer tweets racial insults at black conservative

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I know both Juan Williams and his son Raffi, Deputy Press Secretary at the Republican National Committee, very well. Raffi is a consummate professional. He is highly competent and articulate — bet he and ol’ Dad have some good debates. And Juan is powerfully proud of Raffi. So I found it quite disturbing — but par for the course — that Raffi was attacked by the Senior Editor for digital media at Ebony Magazine, Jamilah Lemieux.

As reported by Wayne Dupree on newsninja2012.com, “Ms. Lemieux became the latest liberal attacker on black republicans through the social medium Twitter by calling RNC Raffi Williams a “White Dude” and talking down to him as if were beneath her. As you will see in the exchange below, Lemieux throws out the racist language to shut down the conversation.


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This is yet another example of the level of intolerance that comes from the intolerant left, and especially from black leftists. It is all about denigrating black conservatives who would just like to enjoin them in principled debate. Can you imagine what the media buzz would be if a white Senior Editor for digital media at, let’s say, National Review made these type of racist comments to a black Deputy Press Secretary at the Democrat National Committee? Well, you would certainly be exposed to 24/7 coverage and interviews by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

And what does Ms. Lemieux mean by “doing this black thing?” Is this level of incompetence acceptable to Ebony Magazine? Is this what they want representing them out there on social media? Why would the Senior Editor not welcome diversity of thought in political discourse? Oops, I forgot, liberal progressive socialists demand your submission to their will, not intellectual exchange — since they lose the debate. Therefore they resort to demeaning by way of the politics of character assassination.

Raffi, hang tough, you are far above this individual and you are well respected. It just goes to show once again, being a black conservative means you are a target for white liberals and their assigned black henchmen – and women. At the minimum an apology is required. At the maximum, Ms. Lemieux should resign or be fired — unless this is truly a reflection of the character of Ebony Magazine. But if you’d like to contact Ebony Magazine to express your sentiment, feel free to give them a jingle:(212) 397-4500

UPDATE: This afternoon, EBONY responded with an apology posted on their website. The RNC appreciates and accepts their response, and Raffi has accepted their apology. Despite the actions of one editor, we’re glad to see EBONY embracing a higher standard of journalistic integrity.

As Chairman Priebus said, we hope “we can use this unfortunate episode as a catalyst for greater engagement and understanding between the Republican Party and black America.”

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