Another day, another case of Democrat corruption

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They say “when it rains it pours,” and having lived in South Florida for ten years, I can say it’s quite possible the saying originated here. On the other hand, if it’s referring to political corruption, it may have originated amongst liberal Democrats. When Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House she quipped, “we are going to drain the swamp” – well she certainly didn’t have to look very far.

Just last week we reported on bribes involving several Pennsylvania Democrats and how the new State Attorney General decided to drop the cases – because she deemed the investigation racist.

Well, this week Democrats continue their march towards conduct unbecoming.

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According to a state-level Democrat in North Carolina is having a tough time with integrity. Patrick Cannon, Mayor of Charlotte — the state’s largest city and the site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention — resigned Wednesday hours after he was charged with federal public corruption and accused of taking bribes in an FBI sting. The 47-year-old Cannon is accused of accepting more than $48,000 in bribes from undercover FBI agents posing as businessmen who wanted to do work with Charlotte. A criminal complaint from the U.S. Attorney says the Democrat, who has been mayor for six months, accepted cash, airline tickets, a hotel room and the use of a luxury apartment as bribes and solicited more than $1 million more. During the last encounter, according to the U.S. attorney’s office, he accepted $20,000 in cash.

Cannon was elected mayor in November, replacing Anthony Foxx who was named Transportation Secretary by President Obama. If convicted on all the Cannon, he faces 20 years in prison and more than $1 million in fines.

Out in California, State Senator Leland Yee, a longtime California politician who was praised for his efforts to make government more transparent and authored gun control legislation, was arrested Wednesday, accused of conspiracy to deal firearms and wire fraud. According to the NY Daily News, Yee discussed helping the undercover FBI agent get weapons worth $500,000 to $2.5 million, including shoulder-fired automatic weapons and missiles, and showed the agent the entire process of how to get those weapons from a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines into the United States, according to an affidavit from FBI Special Agent Emmanuel V. Pascua.

Yee performed “official acts” in exchange for donations from undercover FBI agents, as he sought to dig himself out of a $70,000 debt incurred during a failed San Francisco mayoral bid, according to court documents. Yee is also accused of accepting $10,000 in January 2013 from an undercover agent in exchange for his making a call to the California Department of Public Health in support of a contract under consideration with the agency.

Another individual named in the affidavit is Raymond Chow, aka “Shrimp Boy,” the former leader of a Chinese criminal organization with ties to Hong Kong. Chow is accused of money laundering, conspiracy to receive and transport stolen property and conspiracy to traffic contraband cigarettes.

Yee is the third Democrat senator from California to face charges this year along with Sen. Rod Wright, convicted of perjury and voter fraud, and Sen. Ron Calderon, indicted on federal corruption charges. Wright and Calderon are both taking a voluntary leave of absence, WITH pay of course– so typical.

Despite his tribulations, Yee is among three Democrats running this year for secretary of state, the office that oversees elections and campaign finance reporting. He lost a bid for mayor of San Francisco in 2011. Maybe Nancy Pelosi should start draining the swamp right there in her home state – as a matter of fact, near the congressional district she represents.

Yes there is corruption on both sides of the aisle, but it just seems to be raining down right now from the Democrat side — not to mention Ray Nagin, Jesse Jackson Jr, William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, and the countless incidents of corruption from local Democrat politicians here in South Florida. And then of course there’s that merry band of rascals in Washington DC: Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Susan Rice and Robin Hood himself, our president.

Oops, my apologies. How careless of me to forget liberal progressives don’t possess any code of honor, integrity, or character, so we can’t possibly hold them to any accountable standard. They can lie, deceive, and distort — it’s all good. They’re not hypocrites, they’re just being themselves.

I suppose that’s why Democrat corruption isn’t news, and why probably none of the mainstream media outlets will cover the stories about Charlotte Mayor Cannon and California State Senator Yee.

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