Sharpton unveils race-baiting scheme for increasing 2014 midterm turnout

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You want to know how Democrats plan to boost voter turnout for the 2014 midterm elections? Just follow the charlatan Al Sharpton.

According to, The Rev. Al Sharpton was busy revving up the crowd Thursday night in Ohio to support an Ohio Voters Bill of rights. In typical fashion, Sharpton told the crowd at World Deliverance Church, Republicans’ efforts to try and suppress the vote “is all a scheme to disempower and disenfranchise the vote in Ohio.” And silly me, I thought liberal progressives wanted a separation between church and state, i.e. politics. Oops, there I go again, expecting hypocrisy won’t be a part of the liberal socialist playbook.

Sharpton went on to state (stupidly), “Nobody gave us the right to vote and nobody is going to give it to us now. We fought for it and we’re going to fight for our right to keep it.”

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Sharpton is under the misconception that possessing an ID to vote is disenfranchisement. If that be the case, then the entire airline industry is based on disenfranchisement as well.

Instead of promoting the integrity of our electoral system — something I’ve experienced – he’s received his Obama administration marching orders to stir up angst. What is amazing to me is that the same liar who gave us the Tawana Brawley hoax is passing himself off as a credible individual. Are his followers in the black community just that delusional?

The amendment would allow online registration; maintain current identification options and expand them to include student identification; maintain the 35-day early voting period and forbid a ballot from being rejected due to poll worker error. The goal: End partisan input into voting laws. Riiight.

However, if the goal was to end partisan input into voting laws and to guarantee integrity, then why did the Rev. Bobby Hilton, president of the Cincinnati chapter of the National Action Network call Melowese Richardson to the stage to welcome her home. You all remember Ms. Richardson, right? Ms. Richardson was the Hamilton County (Cincinnati, Ohio) poll worker convicted of voter fraud for voting on behalf of friends and family –seven times actually, but who’s counting — and was recently released early from a five-year prison sentence.

Hilton and the National Action Network worked to free Richardson, saying the sentence was racially motivated. Also, Rev Hilton referred in his rhetoric to one Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter as an example of why the Voters Bill of Rights is needed. Hunter, who is facing eight criminal charges and is suspended from her job, recently faced a long-contested election over provisional ballots before she was finally declared the election’s winner.

I just wonder if the black community will ever realize no one is taking them seriously when they support petty usurpers and law-breakers. They do more harm to their cause than good — actually, they don’t really have a cause, but they certainly have an effect.

Why doesn’t the right Rev. Sharpton take on Mayor de Blasio who’s closing down charter schools in Harlem? Why not address the issue of school choice in the black community? Perhaps join forces with Senator Rand Paul and assess means by which capital investment could be unleashed in the inner city in order to spur on small business development and economic growth? Nah, it is better to play simpleton political games at the bidding of his massa’ the Democrat party and President Obama.

And I’m the sellout? Get real.
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