Shock video! Democrat Senator says something stupid about Ukraine

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One thing you can count on is for liberals to say something so totally obnoxious and ridiculous that you just have to shake your head.

The episode unfolding in Ukraine has certainly provided a backdrop for the theater of the absurd. Enter Democrat Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut — who votes for these loons anyway — and his recent venture into Bizarro World.

As reported by Daniel Greenfield in, after a visit to Ukraine, Murphy appeared on MSNBC to explain that everything is just fine: “Frankly the fact that we are here today with a very weak Russia, having the entirety of the Ukraine turn away and having engaged in a panicky reaction is partly a result of the United States’ strength on this issue, standing with the protesters.” Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up.

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As Greenfield points out, some of us might be a bit confused about his assertions as ” Usually it’s the countries doing the invading who are strong and the countries standing there frowning impotently who are weak. But soft power advocates know that real strength comes from not invading countries and not doing anything to stop those who do.”

This is right up there with the stupid idea from the Obama administration about “Combat Restraint Medals” –remember that one? Yep, ol’ blood and guts Obama wanted to reward combat troops for not shooting at bad guys in Afghanistan under the guise of protecting civilian casualties.

To claim that supporting the protesters from a distance in Ukraine is a show of strength is both cynical and hypocritical. Oh yes, Obama Inc. showed enormous strength since he kinda sorta supported the Iranian Green movement protestors but eventually cut a deal with Iran to let it go nuclear anyway.

You see, in Obama’s world, peace through strength is replaced by peace through appeasement, but wait, appeasement is actually a show of strength and a deterrent. There are no more combat operations, just overseas contingency operations. There are no terrorist attacks, just man-caused disasters and instances of workplace violence.

But Putin’s actions to invade a sovereign nation, use military force to intimidate, and then annex territory shows just how weak he REALLY is, and our restraint in sanctioning 11 guys shows our powerful resolve.
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