Intolerant atheists go after Gov. Walker’s religious tweet

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Well, here we go again, the oh so very tolerant secular humanist liberal progressives are showing their ignorance of America’s Judeo-Christian faith heritage. As reported in The Christian Post, “A Wisconsin-based atheist organization has demanded that Governor Scott Walker remove a posting on his Twitter feed that is religious in nature. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) stated Tuesday that they took exception to Walker’s official account, including a tweet posted Sunday that simply read, “Philippians 4:13.” As rendered by the New King James Version, Philippians 4:13 states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Based in Madison, FFRF sent a letter to the Wisconsin governor on Tuesday arguing that the tweet was a “misuse of gubernatorial and state of Wisconsin imprimatur.” Signed by FFRF co-presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker, the letter expressed “dismay” over the tweet, which was also posted on Facebook. “This braggadocio verse coming from a public official is rather disturbing,” wrote Gaylor and Barker to Walker. “As governor, you took an oath of office to uphold the entirely godless and secular United States Constitution.”

It seems these two chuckleheads forgot the First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion and the free exercise thereof enshrined in the Constitution. I don’t see where Governor Scott Walker’s tweet was promoting any establishment of religion, just a simple profession of his faith — a faith shared by those men who wrote the Constitution.

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I was recently in Connecticut to record the audio version of our soon-to-be released book, “Guardian of the Republic”. While there I met a young lady from Danbury, Connecticut and asked her if she knew the importance that her town held in American history. She did not know.

Well, Gaylor and Barker seem to believe Governor Walker has violated some separation or wall between church and state. However, there is no codification of this in any formal foundation documents of America: Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers, or Constitution. The concept of separation of church and state was written in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Convention. In it, Jefferson promoted the idea of not having a head of State who is also the head of the church as was the case in England.

What has happened in America, thanks to the ignorance and intolerance of groups like FFRF, is that Jefferson’s letter and concept has been perverted to mean a separation of the American Judeo-Christian faith heritage from America itself. One must ask, does FFRF take a stance on Islamists seeking to establish Sharia Law in America, which is antithetical to our Constitution? Let me answer that, nah, it would require them having courage, and we know liberal progressives, including secularists, are afraid of Muslims — but Christians are easy targets.

So, Ms. Gaylor and Mr. Barker, I commend you on expressing your First Amendment rights, but let me offer you another Biblical verse, Proverbs 17:28 (NIV) “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.”

Governor Walker, stand your ground and do not delete your religious tweet, someone far more powerful and greater than FFRF has your back — and so do your fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

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