Team Obama takes Obamacare show on the road for final desperate push

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We are approaching the Obamacare enrollment deadline — just three weeks away as a matter of fact. And I figure things are going so well with Obamacare that we shall see yet another delay. Has it escaped anyone that this is no longer a law, but a manipulative edict? By gosh, how many machinations and revisions, delays, and exemptions have been handed down from his highness since March 2010 when this onerous legislation was passed –er, shoved through with non-standard procedures?

Well, the Obamas are hitting the ol’ propaganda button again – but I really don’t expect it to work much better than Hillary’s reset button.

According to Politico, “Mother’s Day is coming early to the White House this year, at least where Obamacare sign-up is concerned. Open enrollment ends March 31, and President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and top administration officials all have events this week that aim to reach America’s moms, who typically drive health care decisions for their families — including the young adult children who are a key demographic for the new insurance exchanges.”

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Now you want me and the rest of America to believe this is all going according to plan for the Obama administration? This is flat out pathetic. No wonder Vladimir Putin has invaded a sovereign country and is about to annex the Crimean peninsula. The erstwhile leader of the free world is running around begging American moms to make their kids get health insurance — this is beyond unbelievable.

The idea is to leverage the mom voice to spread the word about the healthcare law and the limited time remaining to enroll. So let me get this straight, two weeks ago, Hagel told American moms that the Obama administration will be putting their sons and daughters in greater harm’s way by reducing military capability. But Obama will implore them to coerce their kids to sign up for his gimmick in order to make it solvent.

Obama, did a televised town hall last week and is planning to sit down with WebMD. He did a cringe-worthy interview with Zach Galifianakis this week. Also this week, Michelle Obama will join several groups focused on enrolling women.
What a dynamic duo we have occupying the White House.

But it’s truly a team effort, all hands on deck. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be in Atlanta this week to reach out to women, particularly black women. And White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett will participate Wednesday in a Google+ hangout with Cosmo for Latinas.

Y’all smell that? It’s desperation from the gang that cannot shoot straight.

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