GOP and blacks should connect on school choice and immigration

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I’m often asked how the GOP and conservatives can win more of the black vote. I respond by stating that it can no longer be about the empty rhetoric of “outreach” or “big tent.” It must be about policy inclusiveness and making the continual connection.

Right now, there’s a great opportunity for the GOP and blacks to connect on several fronts: school choice, restoration of the family, and illegal immigration. In the case of the latter, when you look at the horrific employment situation in the black community, why would the progressive socialists of the Democrat party — i.e. President Obama — want to make a major initiative of bringing in millions of more unskilled, low-educated workers into the American workforce? Why? Because the black community is taken for granted by Democrats.

Consider the fact that Al Sharpton has come out in support of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio shutting down charter schools for minority, primarily black kids in Harlem.

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Hence why Dr. Walter Williams’ recent op-ed on the failure of “black politicians” is timely. He writes in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “People in the media and academia are mostly leftists hellbent on growing government and controlling our lives. Black people, their politicians and civil rights organizations have become unwitting accomplices. The leftist pretense of concern for the well-being of black people confers upon them an aura of moral superiority and, as such, gives more credibility to their calls for increasing government control over our lives.”

Williams is spot on accurate in categorizing the Left as giving off the “pretense of concern.” Their goals is actually rooted in a despicable ploy to relegate the black community into a modern type of servitude, one that supports white power and creates a new type of 21st century economic plantation. It is the same Democrat party of the old plantation except there are new “overseers” — as a matter of fact, the liberal progressives were so shrewd they got the “first black president” to be the chief overseer. Barack Obama enabled the Democrats to establish a new era of progressive socialism in America. His emergence rallied a voting electorate, the black community, to vote in record numbers and served the progressive end state of strengthening their urban plantations. Obama along with the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, and National Urban League have truly become the gatekeepers, inside the gates, to prevent the black community from seeking their own “manifest destiny” and rising above the welfare nanny-state of economic dependency.

As Dr. Williams states, “Ordinary black people have been sold on the importance of electing blacks to high public office. For several decades, blacks have held significant political power, in the form of being mayors and dominant forces on city councils in major cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, Memphis, Tenn., Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, Oakland, Calif., Newark, N.J., and Cincinnati. In these cities, blacks have held administrative offices such as school superintendent, school principal and chief of police. Plus, there’s the precedent-setting fact of there being 44 black members of Congress and a black president.”

But as Dr. Williams asks, “What has this political power meant for the significant socio-economic problems faced by a large segment of the black community?”

Consider these data points:

> The average white seventh- or eighth grader scores way above the average black 12th grader in more academic subjects
> Roughly 7,000 to 9,000 black are murdered each year, 94 percent of the time by another black person
> Only 35 percent of black children grow up in two-parent households

Dr. Williams, a professor of Economics at George Mason University draws this key concluding point, “The black family has fallen victim to the vision fostered by some intellectuals that, in the words of a sociology professor in the 1960s, “it has yet to be shown that the absence of a father was directly responsible for any of the supposed deficiencies of broken homes.” The real issue to these intellectuals “is not the lack of male presence but the lack of male income.” That suggests fathers can be replaced by a welfare check. The weakened black family gives rise to problems such has high crime, predation and other forms of antisocial behavior.”

So, in all of this, what has this faux black political leadership done? Not a damn thing. You want to talk about how conservatives win? Remind the black community of their conservative roots. Develop the policies that restore the inner cities and break down the new progressive socialist plantation. I would have rather seen CPAC feature some conservative black candidates running at the State level and in some inner city Congressional districts. I spoke to several at CPAC and they should not be relegated to walking the halls looking for attention — been there done that — they should be the ones featured. Then and only then will conservatives gain the confidence and trust which is so very lacking in the black community — and we cannot afford to have more major cities turn into Detroit. But if Mayor de Blasio has his way, New York City may follow.
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