HHS Sebelius tries to scrape smidgen of corruption off her shoe

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President Obama maintains there’s not a “smidgen of corruption” in the IRS — and Lois Lerner doesn’t have a single thing to say about it — at least nothing she’s willing to say under oath.

Now there’s not a “smidgen of corruption” in another Obama administration department: Heath and Human Services under the astute direction of one Kathleen Sebeluis.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has stopped fundraising for an outside group working to promote Obamacare called Enroll America. Funny, I seem to recall Secretary Sebelius initially saying that she was not fundraising with any non-government entities whom she regulates for Obamacare — ahh, maybe an old volleyball head injury.

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The Examiner has posted a series of stories about Sebelius’ fundraising based on emails received in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Sebelius has argued that her fundraising activity has been legal and proper and that she did not target groups her department regulates. But according to the Washington Examiner report, there seems to be an issue of conflict of interest.

H&R Block, one of the private entities Sebelius admits to soliciting, had pledged $500,000 to Enroll America but a company spokesman says that H&R Block ultimately decided against making the donation. H&R Block, the largest tax preparation service in the country, stands to reap a windfall in new business by determining whether clients qualify for Obamacare subsidies.

Then there is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a nonprofit that supports anti-obesity efforts and other health outreach campaigns, last year said it had contributed $14 million to Enroll America. It owns more than $1 billion worth of stock in Johnson & Johnson, which HHS regulates. Kaiser Permanente, also regulated by HHS which gave an unspecified sum, was one of several private entities that donated a combined $27 million to Enroll America.

Of course liberal progressives will find a way to say, well, Bush did this too. After all, Rachel Maddow just blamed the invasion into Ukraine by Vladimir Putin on President George W. Bush — doggone five years and they are still riding that dead horse.

But if Obamacare is soooo good, why does the President keep delaying portions of it –unconstitutionally I might add? And why does the HHS Secretary need to extort money from groups she regulates in order to fund advertisement for Obamacare?

Just simple questions, and perhaps some of you very astute liberal progressive trolls can enlighten us? Heck, there’s no need to repeal Obamacare — Obama is doing a fine job of dismantling it himself. Unfortunately, this tyrannical corrupt incompetence only hastens the demise of the American healthcare system. And don’t tell me it’ll get better if we just wait. Exactly when does that happen, after the 50th delay?

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