Black, pro-life, pro-marriage Democrat candidate gets cold shoulder from…Democrats

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You just can’t make the Left happy! Democrats want a black, Republican-turned-Democrat candidate for US Senate in Mississippi kicked off the primary ballot.

According to a report by, Democrats in northern Mississippi are giving black candidate Bill Marcy a chilly reception after white Travis Childers entered the race. In fact, some Democrats present at a meeting last week where both candidates were present want Marcy’s name removed.

Marcy says, “I’m anti-establishment. I have as many Democrats upset with me as I have Republicans. The most important people I want to be happy with me are the people of the State of Mississippi”. Marcy says the vast majority of establishment Democrats (i.e. liberal progressive socialists) don’t like the fact that he opposes same-sex marriage and is staunchly pro-life.

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What I find both ironic and hypocritical is that here in Florida the Democrats have welcomed with open arms a former Republican and Independent, Charlie Crist.

As a matter of fact, the Democrats gave Crist a speaking role at their 2012 National Convention. And even former Obama campaign manager, Jim Messina, has come on to support the Crist campaign as a consultant.

So why are the Democrats in Mississippi so upset with a former Republican running as a Democrat? Why aren’t they celebrating this as a rejection of the Republican party by a black candidate? After all, here in another southern state the Democrats are embracing a former Republican Governor of Florida who is now running to be a Democrat governor of Florida. There are no ruminations about removing Crist from the primary ballot in Florida. Of course he is white…

Seems there’s only one response: the Democrats are indeed racist. They truly do not want any blacks who don’t obediently follow their liberal progressive ideology.

So where is all the dialogue about the “big tent” on the Left? Is there no place in the Democrat party for pro-life, pro-traditional marriage blacks? Charlie Crist once claimed to be pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, but then again, the Bible in the Book of James warns us to “beware of the double-minded man who is unstable in his ways” — but the Democrats accepted him. Interesting?

The case of Senate candidate Bill Marcy — whom I’ve actually met, as it happens — is one that should receive more attention. Marcy’s story clearly shows the Democrat party — now owned by radical progressive leftists — does not welcome blacks who develop their own policy positions. It shows that the Democrat party is not tolerant. It shows that if Democrats want to see racists, they need only look in the mirror — and that they have established a place for “good, obedient colored people” in their party.

No wonder the liberal progressives despise Conservative blacks in particular. Even now, Rutgers University is seeking to rescind a speaking invitation for Condoleeza Rice.

As the Daily Caller reports, Professors at Rutgers stated the state University of New Jersey should not honor someone who “participated in a political effort to circumvent the law” and pleaded for the school’s board of governors to rescind Rice’s invitation to speak. The school newspaper, The Daily Targum, published an editorial that agreed with the faculty’s resolution that Rice should not speak at commencement and argued the student body wasn’t comfortable with anyone who has “questionable” politics. “The point is, we just don’t feel comfortable having politicians as commencement speakers at all. A commencement speaker is meant to be someone who has made some extraordinary and meaningful accomplishments in their lives to inspire a generation of college graduates. Rice probably has a lot of advice on perseverance, dedication and hard work that she can offer to this year’s graduating class, but what she chose to do with those qualities is certainly questionable to us,” the editorial stated.

Condoleeza Rice, Bill Marcy, Deneen Borelli, Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Mia Love, and yours truly are examples of “bad negroes” who have earned the disdain of the progressive socialists of the Democrat party, as well as their black henchmen. The intolerant Left are the real racists and they daily provide examples of their long running hatred towards non-compliant blacks – lynchings –once literal, now covert, still the same result.

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