Oops! That FCC government monitor thing was completely partisan after all

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I think Barack Obama ought to borrow Brittany Spears’ song as the theme for his administration. Oops…he did it yet again. Caught in the act of trying to infringe on our liberties under the guise of “research” with the FCC government monitor project.

As we reported recently, the FCC was considering placing government monitors across in newsrooms in order to make sure critical information was being reported. After an uproar, this plan was suspended, but Byron York writing for the Washington Examiner reports that the whole scheme was a partisan exercise from the very beginning saying the plan originated among Democrats on the FCC; the commission’s two Republican members didn’t even learn about it until it was well under way.

The FCC enlisted scholars from two big journalism schools, the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Communication and Democracy, to determine the “critical information needs” about which journalists would be questioned.

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Neither of these learned institutions could be considered conservative or even a centrist. And even worse comes the revelation that four of the five study authors just happened to be Obama donors.

I suppose there’s no big deal with folks donating to President Obama — albeit I would question their intellectual rigor — but we all know most colleges are liberal progressive petri dishes tended by liberal progressive professors.

But if you’re going to do a study that’s supposed to look at invading newsrooms across America, shouldn’t you at least try to masquerade it as non-partisan?

In this case there was no diverse opinion. It’s not hard to imagine how the “critical information needs” matrix was developed for implementation.

So oops, the Obama administration did it again — tried to attack American liberties, this time freedom of the press, in a sneaky way that ended up being quite obvious to us all. These folks are the enemies of liberty and freedom. They only desire absolute power and will use any means necessary to achieve their tyrannical designs.

Oops. The American people did it again in 2012. But we can fix that mistake in November. Only 247 days.
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