The ironic pause of our great nation — where is the American “reset” button?

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Have we have hit the “pause” button on this “shining city upon a hill?” It’s as if we’re watching the awkward movements of adolescence where all that concerns us is what we’re wearing, what “they” are wearing and who is having sex with who or what and how and where. In the past 5 years, sexuality has become the obsession on the news media, the politicians and the nation as a whole. The country is riveted by the drama regarding “gay discrimination” in Arizona. And for the past 395 days, there have been at least 18 stories about homosexuality in the boy scouts, girl scouts, military, and so forth — each and every day.

Break down barriers! Turn boys into girls and girls into boys — especially in prison and make the working saps pay for it! Destroy religion or at least Christianity! When we’re not obsessed with that, we are ruminating on how to kill the children produced by a heterosexual union. Both before and after birth. And once the sex is over, the whining about whether this one has this much money, this better schooling or that better car, phone, or that better house. So it has been sex, fill-in-the-blank-phobia, this is not fair, that is not equal, healthcare should be free, food should be free, and make sure the fat cats (the real saps) pay for everything. As the First Lady said to the school kids “Don’t leave any money on the table.” And in the absence of that everyone is racist.

So, it any wonder this little ditty happened the other night:

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CNN interrupted an interview with U.S. Gen. James Marks on Sunday evening discussing the United States’ position on Ukraine because it was time to hit the red carpet for the Oscars.

“General, General– my apologies, General Marks, I’m going to have to cut you off,” CNN anchor Jim Sciutto said. “Please stay with CNN and for continuing developments on the crisis in Ukraine, but next, a live CNN red carpet special on Hollywood’s biggest night.

One of the most cataclysmic events in our history was happening live and we cut away to the important story of… the beautiful Prada gown worn by this starlet, whether or not Angelina had the right earrings to match her beautiful gown, or the fashionable ring on Brad Pitt’s finger. And let’s not forget Ellen’s “selfie” — it had sooo many likes, or that actress who tripped last year and this year. Whatever her name is.

Breaking news: Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has told Ukrainian forces in Crimea to surrender by 5 a.m. (0300 GMT) on Tuesday or face a military assault, Interfax news agency quoted a source in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry as saying.

Meanwhile: We are riveted with whether or not Ellen changed into her blue pants. It did not match the shirt.

Breaking news: Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov discussed Ukraine by telephone with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, on Monday, and claimed they had “broadly coinciding points of view” on the situation there, according to a ministry statement. THAT MEANS THEY AGREE.

Meanwhile: Some U.S. service personnel stationed in Okinawa today are treating the world to another kind of display: Gay and lesbian service personnel performing in drag, to raise funds for their activities, to a sellout audience.

Breaking news: U.S. intelligence agencies recently confirmed China’s development of a new intermediate-range nuclear missile (IRBM) called the Dongfeng-26C (DF-26C), U.S. officials said. The new missile is estimated to have a range of at least 2,200 miles—enough for Chinese military forces to conduct attacks on U.S. military facilities in Guam, a major hub for the Pentagon’s shift of U.S. forces to Asia Pacific.

I hope that doesn’t break up the party on Okinawa. It’s only 1435 miles away and it might be pretty hard to run through the streets in large pumps with kitten heels.

Since I did not see the show, I went online to read the news and was confronted by the Time Magazine article describing “Matthew McConaughey’s Confounding Acceptance Speech.” The author referred to it as “a semi-bizarre tale about his inner life.” What was so BIZARRE and so CONFOUNDING for this “journalist?”

Nope, he did not bring his wife onstage to straddle a chair while he “felt up her butt.” No he did not prance around with his tongue hanging out for 30 minutes. Nope.

The actor started off his round of thank you’s by turning to God.

“First off, I want to thank God because that’s who I look up,’ he said. He’s graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or of any other hand. He’s shown me that it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates.”

People, we’ve got to stop putting on our clothes “bassackwards” and get back to what it meant to REALLY be the “shining city on the hill” complete with adults who are adults. And allow the kids to be kids.

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