DeBlasio and Left attack charter schools for Harlem students. Isn’t that racist?

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In April of 2009, the first “black” president, Barack Hussein Obama, cancelled the DC school voucher program, which provided better educational opportunities for deserving underprivileged children, mostly black. Of course the great believer in social justice and equality sends his own daughters off to the elite Sidwell Friends school — anything from the media? Chirping.

Obama also unleashed the first “black” attorney general, Eric Holder, on the State of Louisiana to attack its school choice/voucher program under the guise that the program adversely affects school integration. Again, an assault on the most deserving amongst us all, underprivileged children and parents who seek a better education opportunity for their progeny.

So, it comes as no surprise that another progressive socialist is attacking another school choice program, charter schools.

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As John Fund reported in the National Review, “Last week, New York’s ACORN mayor Bill De Blasio announced he is evicting Success Academy, a widely praised charter school from the Harlem public school building it occupies. Two other charter schools will be blocked from opening. He claims elementary-school kids wouldn’t be safe in a building with high-school students. His excuse is as absurd as the propaganda Vladimir Putin is using to justify the occupation of Crimea.”

If I may put this into the vernacular, De Blasio is a liberal socialist racist jackass who is more concerned with supporting the corrupt teachers’ unions than ensuring deserving minority children can get a better educational opportunity. And don’t give me the blather about him being married to a black woman, obviously she is a progressive elitist who cares not for young black mothers who want something better for their children.

According to Fund, Danique Loving, the principal of Success Academy, notes that “one out of every four African-American boys who drops out of school ends up in jail. That’s what Mayor de Blasio would be focusing on if he were really worried about the safety of our students.” Eva Moskowitz, the CEO of Success Academy, showed up last night at the New York Meeting, a group of political activists and donors, to blast the de Blasio decision and announce she would lead a rally today in Albany, the state capitol, to protest it.

Of course we have the usual black charlatans coming out to broadcast their sentiments. As Fund so aptly points out, “Rather than stand up for the interests of minority children, the Reverend Al Sharpton has decided to oppose Ms. Moskowitz’s rally. The New York Daily News reports that he has spoken with de Blasio and agrees with his approach. “I think that there is nothing wrong with charter schools having to pay rent,” he said, neglecting the fact that charter schools are public schools and that charging the rent Mayor de Blasio’s backers envision would result in 71 percent of the city’s charters running deficits and potentially 577 teacher layoffs in 2011.

And the same old Chicago (i.e. Obama)-style politics of personal attacks are being implemented by the teachers unions. Teacher union allies are attacking Moskowitz. Daniel Droom, chairman of the City Council’s Education committee says Moskowitz “sees children as pawns in her effort to privatize public schools and to enrich herself.”

Fund concludes, “Dromm’s allies in the teachers’ unions have continually enriched their members’ pension and pay packets while opposing reforms to New York City’s schools and allowing test scores and graduation rates to stagnate. De Blasio’s attempt to roll back the city’s charter-school movement, which currently serves 70,000 of the city’s 1.1 million students is all the evidence needed that when it comes to choosing between power politics and the interests of children the Left has no trouble selling the kids short.”

What will it take for blacks specifically and Americans in general to realize these left wing liberal progressive socialists do not care? Their emotional rhetoric is empty. The teachers unions are not there for American children, they exist for their own power. To Ms. Moskowitz, God bless you and thank you for your efforts, I stand with you. Obama, De Blasio – they simply reflect the racism that has always been present in the Democrat party in America.

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