Parents in Idaho told to stop cheering at kids’ games

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It started with not keeping score at games. It expanded with every kid gets a trophy. Now the whole demented social egalitarian aim to eliminate competitive nature from sports competition has been elevated to a new level.

According to a report in the Washington Times, “Parents at one Idaho high school were told if they don’t quit cheering for their child basketball players, they’d be sent to the penalty box for a minute. “They think the only way they can encourage their kids is verbally,” said Justin Brown, the recreation coordinator for Post Falls, in The Coeur d’Alene Press.

Yes Justin, that’s my kid out there and I want her to hear my encouragement, specifically intended for her.

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Mr. Brown said some basketball events are touted as “Silent Cheer Day,” where parents are allowed to hold up signs to support their children on the court — but are banned from yelling. If they’re caught, they get a red penalty card, which sends them to a designated spot in the gym for a full minute.

I wonder how that whole no yelling thing would play out with the 12th man of the Seattle Seahawks? Folks, I wish I could say this was all a hoax.

But the problem is, “cheering can lead to negativity” according to Mr. Brown.

But parents and fans are puzzled by the policy. “Nobody had ever heard of this before,” said Lorna Allen, a grandmother who attended one of the games, “I’m going to get thrown out right off the bat.”

What world did Mr. Brown come from? Where is the negativity of a parent verbally cheering on their child? I would consider that positive reinforcement to do well, by showing love and support. Maybe Mr. Brown thinks if you cheer your child on to hit a three pointer, it hurts the feelings of the kid who was defending. Or if you cheer when your daughter blocks a shot, the other girls feel inadequate.

I think Justin had a bad experience as a boy and wants to impose his emotional imbalance on others.

What do you all think? Is Silent Cheer Day a good idea or just another example of the “bureaucratic thought police” trying to control our feelings?

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