Message to PFC Sheffey: why did you enlist?

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I remember the 1700 hours retreat on military installations. It is proper military custom to stop cars at exit, and stand at attention and present arms while the colors play – and that includes civilians as well. Therefore, the event on Ft. Carson drew the ire of many — and the disregard of others.

As reported in the Washington Times by Douglas Ernst, “A Solider has infuriated the online military community by posting a picture of herself on Instagram hiding in her car to avoid saluting the flag during retreat ceremony, which signals the end of duty for the day.

An Instagram picture of PFC. Tariqka Sheffey has gone viral. Her post reads: “This is me laying back in my car hiding so I don’t have to salute the 1700 flag, KEEP ALL YOUR ‘THATS SO DISRESPECTFUL/HOWRUDE/ETC.’ COMMENTS TO YOURSELF cuz, right now, IDGAFFFF.”

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Pfc. Sheffey is a member of the 59th Quartermaster Company, 43rd Sustainment Brigade, at Fort Carson, Colo., post spokeswoman Dee McNutt confirmed Tuesday, the Army Times reported.

PFC. Sheffey returned to Instagram to comment on the post on Tuesday, saying: “I seriously just want to say thank you to everybody who stood up to me today, like seriously. That s– to me was not that serious. I am not a disrespectful soldier and I really appreciate you all.” The soldier did not apologize for hiding to avoid the flag.

I think PFC Sheffey fails to understand why this was serious. It is an honor as a member of our military, whether active, reserve, veteran or Retiree to salute and pay respect to our American flag. For this young PFC to hide from rendering honor and then send out a disrepectful social media post flaunting her actions, only to double down on the same media is unconscionable — and it is a big deal. Why did PFC Sheffey join the US Army? And who were the individuals who supported her disrespectful actions?

If these small children knew it was proper to show respect to the American flag when they heard colors while they were playing, what was this Soldier’s excuse? I do not know if this Soldier has deployed into a combat zone. However, if this Soldier would hide in order to not salute the American flag, I wonder what this Soldier would do when bullets start flying and her battle buddy gets hit?

That is, if she would even have the courage to deploy. I believe an administrative separation is best for Sheffey. She can return to the world of disrespect. America expects more and she is hardly a Guardian of this Republic.

What do you think?

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