The deceptive fallacy of the one percent

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I had a very hard decision to make this Saturday morning: wake up early in Columbus, Georgia and run along the Chattahoochee River, or run when I got back to sunny beautiful South Florida — guess what I decided? So after landing in sunny, blue-sky West Palm Beach, I drove home to Palm Beach Gardens, unpacked, and headed out to run the 5.5 mile loop around PGA National.

Right now the annual PGA Honda Classic is going on — must admit since I’ve been up in Georgia I have no idea who is leading. As stated, it is a picture perfect first day of March in South Florida and as I ran, I watched nice vehicles with the tops down driving into PGA National. And it hit me, I was surrounded by a bunch of one-percenters.

I have never swung a golf club in my life. However, I live at one of the most picturesque golf courses in America. As I ran, I went by several tees (hope I got that right) and slowed my pace to watch these skilled athletes. They represent the tops in their chosen profession, one-percenters. At some time they were just young men who learned the game of golf, but their dedication, hard work and sacrifice elevated them to a place of prominence.

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It is no different than south of me in Miami where folks go to see another group of one-percenters play, back to back NBA champions the Miami Heat.

And north of me in Tallahassee, there is another group of percenters, the 2014 NCAA football champions, the Florida State Seminoles. As I write this missive, I’m watching NCAA college basketball as the Wichita State Shockers seek to do something never done before: finish a regular season 31-0, undefeated. Dang one-percenters.

I live right near the 14th hole and after my run and pushup/situp routine, I walked between the house over to the fairway and watched the crowd follow the action. Just in the distance I could see the golfers and I watched their precision swings — truly a form of art.

You see, all around us are those who climb the ladder of success and achievement to be the best. They are those who set goals and objectives and seek to exceed establish standards and records — to be one-percenters. My wife Angela possesses a double Bachelors degree, an MBA, and a PhD and was the first black female professor in the College of Business at Kansas State University, her alma mater. She is a one-percenter – and all that from the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, and a dad who served two combat tours in Vietnam, a military retiree.

I have been blessed myself in being a US Army Combat Battalion Commander and a Member of the US House of Representatives — a one-percenter. And guess what? We’re raising our daughters to exceed the standards and achievements we have experienced — to be one-percenters.

Who among you out there is raising your children to be just mediocre?

Americans cheer the winners. And in this country, no one settles for being just part of the herd. Imagine the irony, one of the most liberal cities in America, Seattle, won the Super Bowl, in a big fashion. The Seattle Seahawks are part of the one percent and do you believe for one minute that the fans of that great city, the 12th Man, would share that NFL World Championship title with Denver or San Francisco? So much for “fair share” and “shared prosperity,” huh Seattle?

So where did this insidious ploy of the one percent vs the 99 percent come from? It came from progressive socialists who would prefer we just all be mediocre. It comes from liberal progressives like Obama who would prefer us subjugated to government grace, rather than allow us the opportunity to achieve our own personal greatness.

It comes from those who seek power, by way of tyrannical dominance, and will divide and manipulate us in every manner possible. I do not disparage Tiger Woods or Lebron James for what they have accomplished, after all, they earned it. So why do Democrats demean and degrade Americans who work hard, sacrifice, and earn a higher standard of living? After all, the pursuit of happiness, greatness, is one of the unalienable rights for EVERY American.

When we allow the liberal progressive liars to make us believe that we cannot pursue exceptionalism, that they and they alone are the guarantors of such — then none of us will be exceptional, a champion in our own pursuit.

The deceptive fallacy of the one percent is nothing more than a political gimmick, a poll-tested marketing ploy to make Americans forget we are exceptional. It is a ploy to make us surrender our God given right to pursue being a one-percenter. So to Barack Hussein Obama and his progressive socialist acolytes, shove it up your arse. I am a one-percenter and damn proud to be so, because I am an American.

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