Ted Cruz, Trump opulence and American fundamental ideals

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Last night our family attended the Republican Party of Palm Beach County Lincoln Dinner hosted by Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

First of all, it was a grand evening in a spectacular venue, which is a testimony to the individual entrepreneurial spirit of Americans. An event where Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and I were in attendance – that had to be on a White House target list somewhere.

Sitting beside my wife Angela, we smiled and pondered the greatness of America. The daughter of Jamaican immigrants and me born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta in the grandeur and elegance of Palm Beach Florida. We were amidst people from all walks of life, but what unified us last night was a commonality of principle and purpose, the restoration of our Constitutional Republic and the preservation of liberty and freedom for future generations.

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The message from Senator Ted Cruz was so appropriate for the times. He spoke of three American fundamentals.

First, Senator Cruz addressed the ideal of liberty, which is the cornerstone of the American experience. It is liberty that enabled a tiny group of 13 colonies to make a stand against the greatest power in the world 237 years ago. It is the ideal of liberty that gave life to the grand experiment we call America. Not just a geographic territory with boundaries, America is a flame that burns in all of us, those born here and those who wish to come here. Liberty is an intrinsic concept that is part of our economic, faith, and personal lives. Liberty is an atmosphere that allows us to determine our own dreams and goals, and as articulated by Thomas Jefferson, is enshrined in those unalienable rights from our Creator — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Liberty is what we see the people in Venezuela and Ukraine standing up for — it is the ultimate quest of the human race.

What do the progressive socialists offer instead? Subjugation and subservience to a governing structure that directs and determines what their life should be thereby restraining their liberty.

Second, Senator Cruz talked about opportunity, because where there is liberty there is opportunity. Liberty promotes the individual and creates an environment of investment (not the phony government definition meaning spending), but investment that harnesses ingenuity and innovation. Opportunity is what has made America the greatest nation the world has ever known. Opportunity says that no matter where you are born and regardless of where you come from, here you can find success.

Opportunity springs from your own individual drive, determination, and desire. Everyone in America gets a ladder of opportunity to climb with a safety net below for the occasional slip. Unlike other countries, there are no “classes” in America, just income levels that can be transited, up or down – and back up again. That is opportunity.

We need a government that enables the free market of ideas to flourish. We need a government that institutes the right tax, regulatory and monetary policies that set the conditions for opportunity to thrive. Opportunity is why refugees from the Vietnam War came here with nothing and now have successful businesses and second-generation college-educated children.

What do progressive socialists offer instead? Dependency — the chance to stay at home, work less, get a subsidy check from the government, and “find yourself.” Liberal progressives want to define your happiness and therefore guarantee it, rather than allowing its pursuit. They offer the welfare nanny-state, a life of shared misery disguised as shared prosperity and crony capitalism for their chosen friends.

Lastly, Senator Cruz identified the fundamental quality that makes us Americans: courage. It was an innate courage that inspired the Minutemen to answer the call to take up positions at Concord Bridge and Lexington Green.

It is courage that inspires today’s men and women to leave the warmth and comfort of their homes and stand guard as watchmen on the walls. They secure our liberty and opportunity. They extend the blessings of liberty to others — at least those who will accept this special American gift.

It is courage that enabled Americans to take a stand against tyranny wherever it has existed. Today, at this time, we must all find our courage to stand against tyranny right here at home. It is an ideological tyranny that seeks to restrain our liberty. It seeks to eliminate our individual opportunity and replace it with collective equality. And only American courage will win this day.

It is American courage that instills fear and respect in our enemies and bolsters the confidence of our allies. It is American courage that 69 years ago this week landed on the beaches of Iwo Jima, fought tirelessly, and a month later, raised the American flag, the symbol of our resolve, resiliency, and courage above Mt. Suribachi. Our children and grandchildren call upon us to display the legacy of American courage and make the stand against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

What do progressive socialists offer instead? A petty charlatan who has damaged our global regard, a liar and a manipulative violator of our constitution whose objective is to fundamentally transform the greatest nation the world has ever known.

As Senator Cruz so clearly articulated, the path before us seems so obvious: liberty, opportunity and courage versus subjugation, dependency and cowardice. Will Americans allow the “fundamental transformation of America” to fundamentally alter our ideals?

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