Yet more refreshing honesty about Benghazi!

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I am so thankful we have an honest president and transparent administration. Every day I am pleasantly surprised with more revelations of truth and openness. Take this new one about Benghazi, for example.

As reported by the stellar Catherine Herridge at Fox News, Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell is facing accusations from Republicans that he misled lawmakers about the Obama administration’s role in crafting the bogus storyline that a protest gone awry was to blame for the deadly Benghazi attack.

Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee allege Morell insisted the talking points were sent to the White House for informational purposes, and not for their input — but emails, later released by the administration, showed otherwise.

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In late 2012, Morell met with Senators Kelly Ayotte, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. At the time the senators said Morell blamed the FBI for cutting references to al-Qaida to prevent compromising an ongoing criminal investigation. In recent interview, Graham said, “I called the FBI. They went ballistic. Within 24 hours, his statement was changed where he admitted the CIA had done it.”

Since retiring from the CIA, Morell’s resume continues to be enhanced. He’s been awarded high-profile assignments within the administration, including the NSA review panel and the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (which I find oxymoronic to the max). He is now a paid TV commentator for CBS News, has a book deal, and works for Beacon Global Strategies, whose founder, Philippe Reines. has been described as Clinton’s “principal gatekeeper.”

In an email to Fox News on Feb. 13, Morell said: “I stand behind what I have said to you and testified to Congress about the talking point issue. Neither the Agency, the analysts, nor I cooked the books in any way.”

And in Washington DC-speak that means “I DID cook the books.” I wonder if Michael Morell and Lois Lerner hang out together? And how interesting this Morell fella has been drawn into the Hillary Clinton orbit.

One thing is for certain, I am so thankful we have a president and an administration who are so transparent and honest about these issues. It really allows the liberal progressive media to focus on far more important issues like that mean ol’ New Jersey Governor Christie and traffic lanes being closed. You know, I just sleep so much better at night knowing people like President Obama and Hillary Clinton, such highly principled and forthright leaders, are looking after me and my country. Thanks to Obama’s insightful leadership, Libya is now a stable functioning democracy and we can always just find another ambassador.

Yeah, riiight.

I get asked a lot about the 2016 presidential election and possible candidates. I try to steer people back to the 2014 midterms, which I think are far more important. However, I will share one insight — Hillary Clinton will not be running. Why do I believe that? One word: Benghazi. The lies, deceit, and cover-up are not going away and the scrutiny will be withering. Emotional protestations to the tune of “what difference at this point does it make” will only exacerbate the issue.

Benghazi is slow-drip water torture that will eventually bring about political death — just as it brought about literal death — for many.
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