Why wasn’t this classified a “hate crime?”

I am no longer amazed at the blatant double standard in America when it comes to black on white crimes. A case that should have been clearly labeled a “hate crime” has received national attention is being forgotten — because as usual, the liberal media gave it little coverage.

In September of 2012, white University of Minnesota student Colton Gleason was walking with friends in St. Cloud when a car pulled up, and Jesse Smithers got out and punched him. The single punch killed Gleason.

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The 18-year-old Smithers was sentenced to 10 years in jail. He originally entered a plea of not guilty but changed it to second-degree murder. Appearing in court Thursday, Smithers apologized for what he called a “complete accident.”

But Colton’s mother, Julie, disputes this claim. “Somebody didn’t just run over and hit a car and provoke an attack,” Julie said. “This was an attack that was meant to happen.” Colton’s father, John, believes his son was the victim of a deadly “knockout game.”

Probably the most disturbing aspect of this case and sentencing is that since Smithers has been behind bars for the past 18 months due to his sentence, he will be eligible for release in five years.

Could Colton Gleason have been President Obama’s Son? Where was Eric Holder and the US Department of Justice? Do any of you recall the outrage from the media and the protests held for justice in Colton’s case?

I would not be surprised if my anger at the sentencing in this case will be ridiculed by faux black leaders such as Jackson, Sharpton, and the NAACP as just a “ventriloquist’s dummy” being the “mouthpiece” for white folks.

But there is no denying the blatant hypocrisy regarding “justice” that’s supposed to be blind and equally applicable. What lesson has Jesse Smithers and others learned from this case? Can anyone tell me what’s going on in the Delbert Belton murder case? Oh right, his murder is forgotten too.

To the Gleason family, please accept my humble condolences not only for the loss of Colton, but for the utter disrespect shown to you and your family. Our courts, the progressive media and the black liberal “leaders” may not deliver true justice, but ultimately God will.

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