Threats and disregard from Afghanistan and Iran: Just another normal week in the region

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Globally, we are facing a crisis of respect, regard and credibility — but in particular with Afghanistan and Iran. Just this past week, Afghan President Hamid Karzai allowed the release of 65 Taliban prisoners who had the blood of Americans on their hands. In a blatant show of disrespect to the sacrifices of American men and women in his country, Karzai stated, “If Afghan judicial authorities decide to release a prisoner, it does not and should not depend on America.” Never mind the fact we were fighting to protect his people from the murderous intent of those people.

Further, Karzai said Bagram prison was “against the law and Afghanistan’s sovereignty and one of the matters of tension between Kabul and Washington.” I hope the US will stop harassing Afghan judicial authorities and respect Afghanistan’s sovereignty.”

I don’t actually recall Karzai complaining about harassment when he was receiving tens of billions in American taxpayer dollars. That’s the thanks we get.

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This level of belligerence presents a crisis for America and an erosion of our global standing — not to mention disrespect to our battle-weary troops. But, in that, he’s not necessarily alone. From restrictive rules of engagement to allowing a Muslim cleric to pray at the ramp ceremony for the fallen American warriors of Extortion 17, our own administration seems to have less and less respect for our troops and what we ask them to do.

So is it any wonder enemy nations don’t respect us either? Last week Iran announced it is sending warships into the Atlantic Ocean towards US maritime borders.

And by the way, the Times of Israel reported that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called Americans liars, intent only on bringing down Iran’s government. Khamenei also called it “amusing” if America thought Iran would decrease its desire for and pursuit of “defensive capabilities.” Bear in mind, this is the modern, “moderate” government with whom we are supposedly negotiating to allow the continued enrichment of uranium for their peaceful purposes.

Just last Friday, Iranian TV aired this video simulating the bombing of Tel Aviv and a US aircraft carrier. Iran has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the map if their nuclear facilities are attacked by the West. Does the Obama administration really think they’re kidding? I implore our elected officials to stop kidding themselves until it is far too late.

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