Happy Presidents’ Day. Happy with the one we’ve got?

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Presidents’ Day is the perfect day to consider what we expect of a president.

Are we satisfied with a president who receives the dubious distinction of “Lie of the Year?” Are we content with a president who has had, on numerous occasions, his name and picture appear beside Pinocchio caricatures in the Washington Post due to his constant “mis-speaking” — er, lying? (And message to liberal detractors: this was supposed to be a new era, with the most transparent president and administration, so let’s talk about today, and not beat the worn out ol’ scapegoat of presidents past.)

I remember the indignation displayed by President Obama in 2012 at the UN General Assembly regarding the crude anti-islam video he blamed for the “spontaneous demonstration” resulting in the deaths of an American ambassador and three other Americans.

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But where was President Obama’s outrage last week when Hamid Karzai released some 66 Talban prisoners, some who have been responsible for American deaths? Is perceived disrespect to Muhammad more important to this American president than the loss of American life? Is this what we expect of an American president?

Have we gotten to the point where we expect a president to just give nice speeches and hang out with celebrities and take expensive vacations while Americans try to figure out how to make ends meet? Is the president just some cool figurehead with whom we just want to take a “selfie?” What do we expect a president to achieve?

Can it be that we now just expect a president to enact policies unilaterally because he or she lacks the competence and leadership capacity to govern? Do we think the oath taken by a president is made up empty words, just like the speeches given, and the Constitution is meaningless? Is the person, the president, more important that the fundamental governing document of this Republic and the rule of law?

Do we expect a president to take from others and redistribute this largesse only to those who support him? And by the way, if it’s now better to sit at home, work less, spend more time with family, get a government check, and rediscover yourself — who exactly will pay for this?

Do we fully expect a president to unleash his government agencies against his political opponents, even if they are just simple grassroots Americans, and collect data on innocent American citizens?

Have our expectations been so lowered that we’re willing to accept anyone for president – and anything from a president?

When I was in Airborne School back in 1984, SGT “Blackhat” told me, “you set the bar low, you will jump low, so set your bar high.”

Here we are thirty years later in 2014. What are your expectations for your president? My fellow Americans, we need to set the bar high.
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