Earth to Obama: al-Qaida is bigger than ever

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In the run up to the 2012 election, President Obama proclaimed, “al-Qaida is on the run and decimated.” When the terrorist group showed its resilience and resurgence the new line from the Obama administration was, “Core al-Qaida has been defeated and decimated.” You really have to marvel at the liberal progressive ability to redefine the problem — in essence deny it — by changing the language. But that does not change the facts.

Al-Qaida is alive and well, and bigger than ever.

Of course you’ll never hear this from President Obama or his administration, but you will from the Washington Free Beacon:

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A panel of terrorism and national security experts at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies said Wednesday that al-Qaida’s brand is the strongest it has ever been, contrary to administration claims. Bruce Hoffman, the director of the Center for Security Studies, said that the terrorist group has become more dangerous and has a larger international presence than eight years ago. “You no longer have one big threat in one place with one clear leader, but many threats in a variety of places,” Hoffman said.

My greatest angst about our national security strategy is that we have so narrowly defined Islamic totalitarianism and its militant terrorist wing to the point that not only has al-Qaida grown, but Islamic jihadism overall.

Just by itself, al-Qaida currently controls territory that stretches more than 400 miles across the Middle East, according to CNN.

President Obama tries to dismiss the issue of Islamic terrorism, recently comparing the groups in Iraq and Syria to a low-level junior varsity (JV) basketball team. In fact, he has never truly acknowledged it.

And don’t forget complicit New York Times reporter, David Kirkpatrick, who dismissed Islamic terror group, Ansar-al-Sharia, as not being al-Qaida so why be worried? After al-Qaida’s current leader Ayman al-Zawahiri released a propaganda video in January of this year telling Syrian insurgents to band together, the State Department said al Zawahiri was the only al-Qaida core leader left and he spent “more time worrying about his own personal security than propaganda.”

But Hoffman disputes the assertion of the State Department,

“While al-Qaida’s central leadership has suffered significant losses, al Zawahiri has still managed to maintain influence among affiliates and facilitated the expansion of the al-Qaida network, Hoffman said. “I think he’s actually achieved the impossible, he’s held the movement together now for three years at a time that it is splintering,” he said. “Al-Qaida is in more places today than it was before al Zawahiri took control.”

I believe we try to color al-Qaida and Islamic terrorism in a light that fits our assessments, instead of seeing and understanding them as they are. First of all, we fail to recognize the Islamists ideology and its deep roots in Islam and secondly we misread events such as the “Arab Spring” and end up supporting a group like the Muslim Brotherhood — not to mention embracing Muslim Brotherhood members in this Obama administration.

We seem unable to comprehend their overall strategic objectives.

The fact that a group is not targeting the U.S. at a particular point doesn’t mean they’re not al-Qaida, said senior Foundation for Defense of Democracies fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross. “Al-Qaida is both an idea and an organization. … Its key goal is not just to target the United States.

Unfortunately, this is a bipartisan issue and my greatest fear is that we have too many on both sides of the aisle who, because of political correctness, abject ignorance, or deadly alliance, do not face this clear and present danger.

They all ought to read Erick Stakelbeck’s book, The Brotherhood, America’s Next Great Enemy.

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