Media hypocrisy of Chris Lane murder case

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Anyone remember Delbert Belton? How about Chris Lane? But I bet you all recall Trayvon Martin.

It never ceases to amaze me how the liberal progressive media conditions us to focus on what they believe to be important “news” based on their ideological and political agenda. I’ll never forget the constant media attention — and at times wrongful reporting — surrounding the Trayvon Martin case. There were marches nationwide and it seemed the entire country descended on Sanford, Florida.

Remember Delbert Belton? Just a World War II Pacific theater veteran who survived Okinawa only to be beaten to death by two black teens in Spokane Washington. Heard about that lately?

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Chris Lane, well, he was the young Australian college student here in America on a baseball scholarship in Oklahoma who was gunned down last summer. Today those charged with his shooting death are due in court. And of course there’s no big lead up, no outrage, no protests.

According to ABC News,

Three teenagers accused of fatally shooting an Australian baseball player as he jogged down an Oklahoma street, allegedly because they were bored, are expected in court Tuesday for a hearing that could reveal details about the case. Police allege that Chancey Allen Luna and James Francis Edwards Jr., who are both 16, and Michael Dewayne Jones, 18, randomly targeted and shot 22-year-old Chris Lane last summer. Each teenager is charged with first-degree murder.

ABC News claims Chris Lane’s death garnered heavy media attention in America but I would have to disagree. The shooting occurred back in August 2013 and hardly received the coverage and attention as the Trayvon Martin case.

Just as a reminder for everyone,

Lane was shot while jogging down a tree-lined street near the home of his girlfriend’s parents in Duncan, about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City.

Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said it appeared to be random and that Jones gave a detailed confession to investigators. They saw Christopher go by, and one of them said: ‘There’s our target,’ Ford said in August. “The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.”

I wonder if the races were reversed would the media coverage be different? Is this a federal hate crime, and can we expect Eric Holder to get involved, like his Department of Justice did in the Trayvon Martin case? Will media outlets descend upon Duncan, Oklahoma? Heck, what has happened to the teenagers charged in Delbert Belton’s beating death?

Am I the only one who recognizes the hypocrisy?

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