A personal message of thanks — especially for liberals

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Sometimes you awake and have a moment of reflection. Today is such a day.

I will be heading out to St. Louis for the Constitutional Coalition’s conference on education and the media. I have the distinct honor of being selected as their keynote speaker on Friday evening. I am a truly blessed fella and so very thankful to God for all He has done in my life.

America is indeed a great land that affords its citizens the opportunity to excel in their respective pursuits — you just have to place your hand upon the rung on the ladder and begin the climb.

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You know, last year at this time we had about 190,000 people following us on Facebook. Today we are on the cusp of hitting 900,000. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for trusting me with providing you truth and a vision of what our Republic can, and will be.

This website, allenbwest.com, was the brainchild of a wonderful woman, Michele Hickford, the Editor-in-Chief. I met Michele on a dive boat back in 2010. She thought I looked familiar and the rest is history.

In just three and a half months, her herculean efforts has made this a highly viewed website, and just so you know, there are only two of us, backed up by the fantastic folks at Liberty Alliance out in Georgia, making this website happen. What a great group of patriotic Americans.

Now, with the success of this endeavor come challenges — well, not only challenges, but quite a bit of comic relief. I enjoy knowing we’re so effective we have our own resident liberal progressive trolls in the comments section. They often make me laugh and always encourage me to press harder. As I tell Michele, “You don’t get flak unless you’re over the target.”


So please folks, do indeed keep it up because you are a daily inspiration for all of us to continue the fight to restore our Republic, recommit us to our Constitutional values and principles, and reclaim our American pride and swagger.

I especially love it when liberals say my not being in Congress means I’m irrelevant. Actually, if there is ever a time for me to not be in Congress, it is now.

I have the opportunity to fight against progressive socialism in the style I prefer, like a Paratrooper, jumping in behind enemy lines, causing disruption and mayhem. I much prefer guerrilla tactics of infiltration and penetration to playing by some artificial political rules of engagement that benefit my adversary.

As my good friend retired Marine 1st Sgt Jim “Finger” Reifinger says, “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, its all because your tactics suck.”

So, thank you God, my Savior Jesus Christ, and a blessed Holy Spirit that maintains a burning flame within me. Thank you Liberty Alliance and thank you, Michele.

But most of all, God bless and thanks to all of you who have taken a simple young fella from the inner city of Atlanta and elevated me to this place. And yes, thank you liberals for constantly reminding me what I don’t want my country to become. Every attack steels my resolve. Please don’t go to another website to harass. I like having you right here.

As I travel today to St. Louis, I hope to shake the hands of many American patriots and I look forward to being in St. Louis as part of the Constitutional Coalition conference.

I am so thankful for being an American.

So, my fellow Americans — conservatives and all the rest — as you reflect today, what are you most thankful for?

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