Tonight: The State of the Dictator — uh, Union

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Yesterday we posted commentary on President Obama using force and coercion as a tool to rule by executive order fiat, rather than leading and governing. We mentioned Obama hiking the minimum wage to $10.10 for federal contract workers — and we awoke this morning to find out he is doing exactly that.

Tonight, Obama will present his State of the Union address that will be purely political in nature. The focus will be on government fixing “income inequality” and creating opportunity, instead of policies that will enable Americans to create opportunity themselves.

We will hear the word “opportunity” but in reality, it is government-driven equality of outcomes — not opportunity. Liberal progressives truly believe it is their mandate to level out society in their misguided goal of social utopianism.

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Therefore, Obama will talk about all the inequalities he intends to rectify and of course, if Republicans don’t agree, they must hate women, the poor, blacks — heck, they hate everybody.

It is unfortunately a brilliant scheme, incredibly effective for the low to no information voter who will hear that Obama, the giver of poverty and food stamps, will make sure we all are paid the same.

It is a Marxist/socialist theme that has never been successful in growing economic output anywhere in the world — but hey, it sure sounds good. And that seems to be all that matters. In America, as Thomas Sowell stated, “we have traded that which works for that which sounds good.”

To reduce poverty and spur economic growth, we should be moving away from the progressive tax code to a flat tax. We’re not suffering from income inequality but taxation inequality — and yeah, I know that will make liberals’ heads spin like they are possessed.

The problem is President Obama and his ilk do not believe the private sector and the American individual entrepreneurial spirit can be trusted. He doesn’t believe business owners, with their investment, ingenuity and innovation can employ Americans, give them good quality wages, and be the impetus for spin-off businesses and economic expansion and growth.

Obama believes only government can bring forth economic growth — five years into his reign and that ain’t happened. And please, after five years and trillions of dollars later, it can’t be Bush’s fault.

Sadly, our president will stride into the People’s chamber this evening with no credibility and as a liar. The first and possibly only thing he should profess is his heartfelt apology to the American people for lying in order to win reelection.

Yep, it’s a pipe dream, but it is why this may be the least watched State of the Union address in modern time. If Obama does not seek to restore his credibility, then he will just be giving another empty rhetorical political speech.

Tonight, he will continue the Alinsky model of demonizing. Obama will depart the chamber clearly revealed as a tyrant, a belligerent ruler incapable of governing or leading — but a great dictator.

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