Afghan government turns US military efforts into “catch and release”

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With yet another slap in the face to the United States from those we fought to defend, the Afghan government is set to release 37 prisoners who the US military says are “dangerous insurgents who have Afghan blood on their hands and are linked to terror activities such as roadside bombings and attacks on foreign and government troops” according to a report by CNS News.

The first slap in the face came when the Obama administration handed over Palestinian terrorist Ali Musa Daqduq to the Iraqi government, who in turn released him. He was the Islamic terrorist responsible for the attack in southern Iraq that led to the murder, kidnapping, and ritual dismemberment of US Army Soldiers. Daqduq oversaw the operation that had jihadists donning US military uniforms to gain access to an Army operations base in order to execute their heinous action.

Instead of maintaining custody of Daqduq and transporting him to GITMO, The Obama administration turned him over to the Iraqis – and the rest is another episode of shameful history for the Obama administration.

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The lack of involvement and engagement by President Obama has led to yet another “what difference at this point does it make” moment. Having spent two and a half years in Afghanistan, I have seen first hand that Afghans have no respect — actually wholehearted disdain — for a lack of strength and might, because they see it as weakness.

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee I asked what would happen with the Parwan detention facility detainees, especially those who were foreign born? Well, it seems we’re getting the answer. Imagine what this news does to the morale of our men and women who served in Operation Enduring Freedom? Those still serving face rules of engagement that afford the enemy the advantage. As was clearly evident in “Lone Survivor,” they fear our American media and lawyers more than the enemy.

Former SecDef Gates’ book talked about a president whose heart was not into the mission in Afghanistan. It seems President Hamid Karzai and the Afghan government picked up on that point.

And now it seems instead of “capture and detain” the enemy, it’s turning into catch and eventually release. After all, actually eliminating the enemy draws too much negative attention.

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