It’s official: Hollywood is the hidden “Ministry of Propaganda”

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Recently a left-wing writer for The Atlantic referred to the movie Lone Survivor as propaganda. Obviously, this person really can’t tell fact from fiction, but then again liberal progressives don’t live in the real world of facts.

On that same note, the Obama administration is now going to the makers of make-believe for help in promulgating the grand lie and scheme known as Obamacare.

As reported by John Nolte on

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According to an email invitation sent out by the Writers Guild East and obtained by Breitbart News, members of the Hollywood elite and the Obama Administration will be gathering in the middle of next month for a panel titled, “The Affordable Care Act: Comedy, Drama & Reality – Portraying ObamaCare in TV & Film.” Julie Green Bataille, a director at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), will represent the Obama administration.

See the whole invitation here.

Now folks, in the truest sense of the Orwellian definition, that is propaganda. The left-wing Norman Lear Center is co-sponsoring the event. As Nolte says, “Two powerful left-wing Hollywood organizations combining with the federal government’s powerful CMS is not something to be taken lightly.”

You’re darn tootin’ and imagine if a Republican administration went to members of Hollywood about promoting a failing conservative policy in TV and film? What would the Left have said if President Bush’s administration went to screenwriters to inject positive stories about the Iraq combat operation as part of the surge?

Nolte also makes another great observation:

This invitation should serve as a reminder that, with rare exceptions (that only prove the rule), Hollywood is not filled with brave rebels, iconoclasts, and individual thinkers; but rather they are servants eager to do their government’s bidding and who understand that success in the entertainment business means never coloring outside the lines of left-wing conformity.

Now we have to be on the lookout for subliminal messaging intertwined in our regular daily programming and movie scripts that seek to conform us to a certain political agenda. Are we far away from a day when we’re told to tune in for the daily indoctrination? Oh wait — maybe that’s The View or the mass same-sex wedding production number on the Grammys last night.

If this doesn’t concern every American — who is mostly blissfully unaware because the mainstream liberal progressive media isn’t reporting it — then we deserve the fate that awaits us.

Ladies and gentlemen, this represents a clear and present danger to our Republic. If Obamacare was such a good “policy” then why all these backdoor actions? And remember, Hollywood doesn’t do anything for free – who’s paying for this? And if Hollywood and these writers are doing this for free, it’s even more disconcerting because it means America has a hidden Ministry of Propaganda.

The progressive socialists are incapable of governing and legislating. Therefore they pursue force, coercion, deception, and propaganda to enable their ends. All hands on deck, all in, we’ve got to spread the word on this and force the Obama administration to abandon this endeavor. If this means turning off television and not going to movies, we need to send a message to Hollywood. Are you with me?

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