Iraqis flee as al-Qaida takes over

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So much for our efforts in Iraq. According to United Nations officials, as reported by CNS News, more than 140,000 Iraqis have fled parts of Anbar province over clashes between security forces and al-Qaida militants, the worst displacement of civilians in years. More than 65,000 people have fled the conflict in the last week alone.

CNS says Islamic militants controlling a mainly Sunni area west of Baghdad are so well-armed that they could occupy the capital. Can you imagine al-Qaida taking over the entire country?

Nobody can argue that “bringing the troops home” has a lovely emotional appeal. Who would not want to welcome their loved ones back into safety’s warm embrace?

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The problem is, that phrase has nothing to do with the actual, serious, hard truth about why we sent our troops away from home in the first place.

When you send troops into battle, you expect them to win, not simply go home when they get tired of the whole thing – or when their Commander-in-Chief wants to score political points. “Conflict” does not end when you leave.

We departed Iraq without a Status of Forces Agreement or a residual force. We left a huge sucking vacuum that al-Qaida is eager to fill. We have abandoned the Iraqi people. Another superb foreign policy move from a president who wanted to improve our nation’s standing in the eyes of the world.

Everything we fought for in Iraq is going south. We fought to give the Iraqi people the freedom to choose their own destiny. And we threw it all away – along with the lives of thousands of American men and women (although that pales in comparison to the million or so American boys and girls thrown in the garbage after abortion every year, but that’s a different article).

All of our actions have consequences. And the very people we set out to help are now even more helpless.

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