My take on the Sherman outburst

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Last week on Sunday we were treated to a fantastic and thrilling end to the NFC Championship game when the Seattle Seahawks prevailed over the San Francisco 49ers before their home crowd. Seattle battled back to win 23-17 to earn their second trip to the Super Bowl. The game ended with a spectacular defensive play by Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman who deflected a pass intended for 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree into the hands of a Seahawks linebacker for the game- ending interception.

However, instead of being remembered for his impressive defensive play, Sherman is all over the media based on his immediate post-game interview with Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews. I watched the interview and just attributed it to an adrenaline-hyped athlete. I could just imagine if someone was on the battlefield after an intense firefight that perhaps involved hand-to-hand combat and interviewed one of the troops who’d been in contact within minutes of the engagement ending.

I’m not trying to say a football game is equivalent to combat but instead making the comparative analysis of emotion and adrenaline. What should have been forgotten has now erupted into a racial confrontation. According to a report on CBS by Ryan Wilson it seems some have referred to Sherman as a “thug” and now Sherman has equated the use of that word as synonymous to the “N-word.”

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During a Wednesday press conference, Sherman said, “The reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s an accepted way of calling somebody the N-word now,” he said. “It’s like everybody else said the N-word and then they say ‘thug’ and that’s fine. It kind of takes me aback and it’s kind of disappointing because they know.”

Folks, it was just a game and Richard Sherman is a player, and a pretty doggone good cornerback. Why is it that the media is sooooo overboard on his post-game interview? Who amongst us can say how we would have responded to an interview immediately following the pivotal play in sending their team to the greatest stage in football? Who amongst us knows what “jaw-jacking” went back and forth out there on the island that is the place where cornerbacks do their business? Erin Andrews asked Sherman to take her through that final play, Sherman responded and now the incessant media hounding has taken America right back down the same damn rabbit hole of race.

Richard Sherman still has one more game against one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and I can guarantee he will be tested. Muhammad Ali was the self-proclaimed “greatest of all time” and we all know of his antics — imagine what the media today would say about that? Lighten up, we have far more interesting things to talk about, even in the world of sports.

Do you think the media has blown this out of proportion and why? And I believe the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl in case you wanted to know..

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