Does food stamp growth portend economic collapse for our nation?

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Last night “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren, she and I discussed the fact that a record 20 percent of American households are now on food stamps.

This staggering number is a clear indictment of the Obama administration failed (or deliberate) policies, as the number of households on food stamps has greatly increased in the last five years. As reported by CNS, In fiscal year 2009 – Oct. 1, 2008 through Sept. 30, 2009 — the number of households on food stamps was 15,232,115. Five years later, in 2013, that amount had increased by 51.3 percent to reach 23,052,388 households.

You can see the disturbing trend below.

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Food Stamp Households-All Time High-Chart

Consider the increase in poverty rolls in America over the past five years. Look at the unemployment rate in America — hardly the reported 6.7 percent, closer to 13 percent in reality. Consider the recently released news about Obamacare Medicaid sign-ups and a highly likely collapse of the private healthcare insurance industry. As I said to Greta, can this be attributed all to incompetence? I was skeptical previously, but now I’m convinced this is intentional and part of a purposeful plan under the objective to “fundamentally transform” America.

We’ve mentioned the Cloward-Piven Strategy, named for Columbia University professors, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, but have never truly presented it for formal discussion and comprehension. It’s time.

The strategy, first presented by these two sociologists and political activists in a 1966 article in the liberal progressive magazine The Nation, called for overloading the public welfare system so much that a crisis would ensue, leading to its collapse and replacement with a national system of a guaranteed annual income — thereby ending poverty.

As Cloward and Piven put it:

The ultimate objective of this strategy—to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income—will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income.

Does that sound familiar? Why is it that the Obama administration would promote and advertise for individuals to sign up for food stamps? Why is it that the Obama administration wants to expand Medicaid? Why is it that all of a sudden, the most important issue to President Obama, a Columbia graduate aka Barry Soetoro, is income inequality and a further extension of unemployment benefits?

Could it be that taking unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 99 weeks and continuing to extend them is a means to the end of a “guaranteed annual income” from the federal government?

Could it be the explosion of our federal debt under President Obama, nearly doubling the previous debt of $10.67 trillion, is part of this Cloward-Piven Strategy? We are continuing to borrow money to fund the expanding welfare nanny-state but eventually this will collapse under its own weight. What happens when we cannot borrow any more?

I believe the true end state of Obamacare is chaos, confusion, and eventual collapse, driving America towards a single-payer system. President Obama and his administration are radicals who are intent on remaking America into a socialist state. The evidence is irrefutable and his actions are nefarious in every way and contrary to the principles of our Constitutional Republic.

Any man who would abandon Americans to die in a terrorist attack and lie about it is an evil, untrustworthy individual, and Barack Hussein Obama must be removed from office.

America must awaken and the midterm elections are vital. Electoral victory against the progressive socialists must be achieved outside the “margin of cheating” — trust me, I know about that.

My friends, I sincerely hope you will share this with your representatives in Congress and ask them a simple question: what are you going to do?

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