I have a dream…for the State of the Union address

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We are one week away from President Obama’s sixth State of the Union address. The question is, what shall we hear?

I would love to hear a president focus on tax, regulatory, and monetary reforms that spur economic growth for America. It would be pleasing to hear that in his final years, President Obama would move us away from the progressive tax system that onerously punishes productivity.

Let’s hear Obama say he will move America towards a flat tax system because every American should play their part and actually pay a “fair share.” Perhaps he will talk about eliminating capital gains and dividends taxes, as well as the death tax.

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Maybe Obama will realize the individual entrepreneurial spirit is the key to economic growth, not printing money. I look forward to hearing the president talk about reducing the corporate business tax rate and eliminating loopholes, just a flat rate of perhaps 25 percent in order to inspire production and manufacturing in America. In concert with these tax reforms will come regulatory reform enabling small businesses the opportunity to grow, and that means not implementing a 50-employee cap as part of Obamacare.

Maybe in a week Obama will come to realize and admit to the American people that Obamacare was the wrong approach and is costing the American taxpayer far beyond the $900 billion stated in 2010. Perhaps the president will say he has reviewed the free market healthcare reforms as presented by the House GOP and is ready and willing to discuss how they can be implemented.

And I just know it would be music to many ears to hear President Obama say that the following morning he will approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.

I hope President Obama will address breaking promises to our military retirees and veterans, and that we must reform government to be less wasteful in spending and not balance the budget on the backs of those who are our most devoted, honorable, and courageous.

And therefore, President Obama would announce the elimination of all administration czars as part of government reform. And I just know that Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, will state he made a wrong and purely political decision in not establishing a Status of Forces Agreement in Iraq which would have avoided the power vacuum in Iraq. He would articulate the failures of Libya and Egypt and address how we restore our reputation in the Middle East, and indeed the world. And that we need to recognize the clear and present danger of Islamic totalitarianism and terrorism. And then he would say, “I am hereby declaring the actions of Nidal Hasan a terrorist attack.”

Ok, enough of the pipe dream. We know what the State of the Union will be about: income inequality, more unemployment benefits, the economy is booming, and just more of the collectivist political agenda aimed at gaining points by way of demonizing the opposition.

After all, the most important thing for President Obama is the mid-term elections, and having a compliant House and Senate that will enable his “fundamental transformation” of America.

My friend Mark Levin has called for Republicans to boycott the State of the Union address. I humbly disagree. Republicans must attend, but should just sit and listen. There should be no cheering, and why should there be, unless President Obama apologizes for his lies and deceit — I suppose my former colleague Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) was correct.

I just wish President Obama would walk into the House chamber next week with no teleprompter speech and just come clean with the American people. No politics, no lies, no empty rhetoric, just demonstrate for once you can address “We the People” with sincerity of heart and love of country. Or perhaps I ask too much of the ultimate charlatan…

What would you like to hear President Obama say next week? Will you watch the State of the Union address?

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