Why black liberals will never fulfill King’s dream

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I’ve been very blessed to have traveled across this nation quite a bit during 2013. While I don’t worry about the future of America, one of my great concerns is the message of conservatism in the black community.

The black community is the most conservative group in America — on Sunday. Our great challenge is to ensure the message of individual salvation translates to one of individual liberty Monday through Saturday.

It is surely the message Dr. Martin Luther King preached.

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We must promulgate this message of economic empowerment — not economic servitude — in our inner cities. We must be able to express why education enables self-reliance, which in turn promotes entrepreneurship.

This was the glorious triumvirate of Booker T. Washington, the “Father of Black Conservatism” – education, self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

When we restore our inner cities by reducing crime and growing opportunity, we enable success and America will thrive. It is there in our urban areas where progressive socialists have done their best to spread their lies of dependency and subservience to government — the evident failures of the 50-year war on poverty. We must restore the values of family and faith, and end the culture of “victimhood.”

If we are to take this message into the black community, we need a new generation of shining stars — energetic, articulate, young black conservatives who can be the sentinels and enable the rising tide to lift all boats out of economic servitude and into economic freedom.

One of my favorite songs by Earth, Wind, and Fire back in the day was “Shining Star.” I was a young high-schooler when that song came out in the Seventies and yes, I had bell bottoms and platform shoes –don’t tell me you didn’t either!

As the nation reflects on the great strides our nation has made since Dr. Martin Luther King’s momentous speech, I’d like to share with you some of the newest shining stars in the black community.

Ashley Bell is a former Hall County Commissioner in Georgia who, along with his wife Lauren, gained notoriety for leaving the Democrat Party.

John Burnett was the GOP nominee for Comptroller of NYC. I bet he doesn’t believe in “shared prosperity over individual success” and I bet folks wished he was the Comptroller.

Leah Durant is Founder of the Black American Leadership Alliance and a columnist for Breitbart.com. Previously, Leah served as a Trial Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice, where she argued civil immigration cases on behalf of the Federal Government.

Mike Hill Florida State Representative is a US Air Force Academy graduate and potential candidate for Florida House Speaker.

Amy Holmes is a conservative commentator, news anchor on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV, and a CNN political contributor.

Richard Ivory is founder of Hip Hop Republican, a dynamic young black conservative who understands social media presence and messaging.

Charles Lollar is a former Marine Officer, previous candidate for US Congress, and currently seeking the GOP nomination for Governor in Maryland.

Honorable Mayor Mia Love of Saratoga Springs Utah is a US Congressional candidate.

Michael McNeely is First Vice President of the State of Georgia Republican Party.

Katrina Pierson is a well-known TEA Party activist (who said they’re racist?) who is running for US Congress.

T.W. Shannon, an Oklahoma State Representative who is the current Speaker of the House

Raffi Williams, the son of Fox News political analyst Juan Williams (yep, I bet their dinner table conversations are interesting). Raffi is the Deputy Communications Director at the Republican National Committee.

Ladies and gents, this is far from an exhaustive list. Are there others? Doggone right, find them, and develop them — like Nicholas Buford, a sophomore at Georgia’s Valdosta State University. Share them with us too.

We must not allow the liberal left to say conservative principles and values are not relevant to every corner of America. This is not about “outreach,” it’s about “policy inclusiveness” and having flesh and blood examples who walk the walk and talk the talk.

Some will say we don’t need qualifying adjectives, but I disagree. We do need to proclaim our diversification across race, age and gender in order to purposefully engage.

We must stand together and show the truth. We must show why it is conservatism that will fulfill King’s dreams of freedom and equality.

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