Obama’s tragic foreign policy success

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President Barack Obama vowed to improve the standing of the United States of America in the eyes of the world because he deemed it damaged. Obama felt we were a bit too arrogant and needed to be more humble.

Thanks to the abjectly incompetent foreign policy of Mr. Obama and his administration, America is now a doormat and laughing stock. Well done, Sir.

Case in point, the recent comments from Iranian President Hasan Rouhani as reported in the Jerusalem Post,

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World powers have surrendered to Iranian interests with the implementation of the interim nuclear deal forged in Geneva. Iran’s relationship with the world is based on its national interests, and that the agreement reached in Geneva marked a global surrender to Iran’s “national will.”

Weakness is intoxicating to the enemy and this fact just seems to be incomprehensible for President Obama, as well as his spokesbeard, Jay Carney. Carney displayed the typical amateurish naiveté of the Obama administration in saying, “The Iranians are describing the agreement in a certain way for their domestic audience. It doesn’t matter what they say. It matters what they do.”

Perhaps unwittingly, Carney doesn’t realize Rouhani’s words elevate the credibility of Iran’s theocratic regime. If the US truly had a hard stance against Iran, Rouhani wouldn’t have the high ground to make such a boast.

The Iranians know of President Obama’s desperation and that he is wholeheartedly fighting against Congress — even members of his own party — to end sanctions against Iran and eliminate consequences for not being compliant. Rouhani knows he’s in the driver’s seat and his message isn’t one of bluster, as Carney believes, but of a man who holds the cards.

Not only does Iran feel emboldened, but also Islamic jihadists in general. Consider the situation in Iraq at this time and how this provides further encouragement to the Islamists in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan. Former Secretary of Defense Gates’ book, “Duty” explicitly details a Commander-in Chief wholly detached from a strategic vision for victory over Islamic totalitarianism.

The question is, are his policies actively supporting our defeat? And is this being done willfully?
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