Three lessons from Lone Survivor

In late 2005 I was in Afghanistan as a civilian-military advisor to the Afghan Army. It was a critical time and Operation Enduring Freedom was predominantly an American mission, before the 2006 NATO full engagement and creation of the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force).

We learned about the immediate aftermath of Operation Redwing, the Taliban RPG shootdown of the Special Operations rescue column in our daily intel update. It was a tragic event. Over time in theater, we came to learn more about the entire mission and the one US Navy SEAL who survived the ordeal, Marcus Luttrell.

I had the distinct honor of meeting Marcus and shaking his hand. If you ever wondered what an ancient Spartan warrior looked like, Marcus would be the model. As we spoke, I could still see the fire in his eyes, the conviction to ensure that they story of what happened that fateful day would not be lost. You can see it here in this CNN interview, and it is awesome to behold.

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It is a tribute to his “shipmates” — his brothers and their legacy of honor, vigilance, and sacrifice. It’s what a soldier does.

And that is why the current liberal response to this impeccable film on modern warfare is disgusting and despicable. To have liberal blogs and media outlets refer to this true account as “propaganda” should disturb us all. But then again considering the statements from former Defense Secretary Robert Gates regarding President Obama’s lack of passion for our men and women in uniform is reflective of today’s progressive socialists and their view of courage under fire.

As a matter of fact, I’d be very surprised if President Obama has even seen the movie or read the book? After all, he does have his own personal movie theater in our White House. Heck, has he ever made reference to this film depicting exceptional American heroism?

So what are the real lessons from Lone Survivor?

1. Liberal progressives would rather heap praise upon a disgusting film like Wolf of Wall Street than honor one that shows us what true character is. Movies such as Black Hawk Down, Zero Dark Thirty, and Lone Survivor should be hailed and honored with awards and recognition.

2. Our rules of engagement must be adaptable to this modern battlefield promulgated by non-state, non-uniformed belligerents. When our men and women in combat fear lawyers and their own propagandized media more than they do the enemy we are in a very bad situation. Army Lieutenants Behenna and Lorance are examples as they sit in military prison right alongside Nidal Hasan — what message does that send to frontline warriors?

3. When I read that certain liberal outlets sought a more “fair introduction” of the Taliban because they did not like Lone Survivor showing who this enemy really is, with the depiction of a beheading, it shows liberal progressives want social egalitarianism even on the battlefield. The concept of moral and cultural relevance is threatening to our liberties and freedoms. The Taliban are bad people. If you want to discuss a war on women, these guys wrote the book. Just ask Malala Yousafzai. America will not be able to defeat Islamic totalitarianism with a progressive socialist as Commander-in-Chief.

As for me? I was there in Afghanistan for two and a half years. I will go see Lone Survivor this weekend after the crowds have died down a bit. I know it will be an emotional film to watch but I must pay my honor and tribute to my fallen brothers in arms.
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