War on Poverty has millions of prisoners

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This week was the 50th anniversary of the American “War on Poverty” — well, actually the progressive socialist war on minorities and families.

When you consider the trillions of dollars spent and the return on investment, it hasn’t been just a failure, it’s been an absolutely abysmal failure.

And President Obama came out this week to talk about more government spending by way of “promise zones.” It is the liberal progressive way to throw more money at a problem and thereby illustrate insanity: “to continue to do the same thing and expect different results.”

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This is why we have an explosion in the federal debt, now approaching $18 trillion. Ever since President Johnson, there has been this idea that government can solve every social ill. The result is an expansive, as well as invasive and intrusive government that now has no limits, no parameters and no restraints upon its perceived powers.

Yes, we must protect those who are truly in need, but under this Obama administration we have seen a deliberate effort to expand poverty and the number of Americans requiring aid and assistance. Why?

Well, this week excerpts from former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ book gave insight into a president for whom everything seems to be political.

Can it be that creating a dependency society benefits the progressive objective? Gee, you think? After all, why would a prosperous American citizenry require government largesse to assist them in their livelihood?

Fifty years later we’re not just losing the war on poverty, we are witnessing a political objective to expand poverty as a “means to an end.”

Lyndon Johnson may have had good intentions, (I would debate that), but he certainly would be astonished to see the enormous growth of the welfare nanny-state which he commissioned.

Just consider this factoid, in 50 years we have gone from 6 percent single parent households to 42 percent nationally, with 72 percent in the black community. That is evidence not of a victory, but a self-inflicted sucking chest wound, upon which we’re sticking a bandaid.

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