Today’s Obama forecast: chilling political rhetoric

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Today President Obama will take to the stage to do what he knows best: deliver another speech of empty rhetoric. The liberal progressives know Obamacare is failing so they must shift the conversation and create a new Trojan horse.

Obama has chosen “income inequality” as the vehicle. In addition, the president wants to pick another fight — in the Chicago way of demagogic politics. He will try to convince Americans we should further expand the welfare nanny-state by extending unemployment benefits.

Once upon a time, unemployment benefits were only 26 weeks. In his first two years in office when Democrats controlled the House and Senate, Obama extended these benefits to 99 weeks.

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Today President Obama will take to his bully pulpit – literally — to bully Republicans and demand unemployment benefits be extended. If unemployment is improving so much, why do benefits need to be extended to more than two years?

Under President Obama the income gap is growing. Poverty is growing. The number of Americans on food stamps is at an all-time high — just take a look at this data card.

Obama isn’t focused on economic recovery. He’s not focused on growing and expanding the opportunity society. President Obama wants to enlarge the dependency society, in a purely political move. It’s neither moral, ethical, nor principled.

He will tout an economy supposedly recovering, but then make a case for increased unemployment benefits. His economic advisor says this expansion is a temporary emergency measure — this is horrible political double speak.

Even more heinous and morally corrupt, President Obama will borrow more money against the future of our children and grandchildren, effectively destroying their hopes, for his short-term political gain.

If anyone believes this will be a temporary extension let me remind you of economist Milton Friedman’s words, “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.”

Today, we shall see what this year will bring for America: more divisiveness from the supposed “great unifier.” If Republicans fall for this and don’t demand the extension be paid for by other cuts, they will lose further credibility as loyal opposition.

And we thought the first thing to be addressed in Washington DC would be rectifying the COLA cuts for military retirees and those medically retired – yeah, right.

Maybe President Obama could have given the unemployed a gift rather than spending two weeks in Hawaii, or extending the First Lady’s vacation at the cost of the American taxpayer — maybe those funds could have been used for unemployment extension?

Regardless, if President Obama would listen to someone other than Valerie Jarrett and focus on economic growth, we wouldn’t need this faux concern or speech. Today we’ll see an American who doesn’t care about this country. One who is morally bankrupt. One who cares only about his political ideology, which is destroying America via his “fundamental transformation.” We’ll be forced to watch a manipulative liar who has a deep animus toward the country, the people, and the constitution he supposedly took an oath to protect.

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