Video: Bama mama goes berserk – and the end of college football already?

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Hard to believe we’re coming to the end of another college football season – seems like it just started! There have been some absolutely thrilling bowl games, to include last night’s Cotton Bowl game where Missouri prevailed over Oklahoma State and the Orange Bowl where Clemson edged out Ohio State.

For the second straight year the West family took in a bowl game, this year it was the Capital One, pitting Wisconsin against South Carolina. The Gamecocks won an exciting game. The great thing was that after that game in Orlando, the fans exited peacefully after having watched a great contest between their two schools.

We always see the public service announcements that promote good sportsmanship by athletes and coaches. Seems they should have been played on the “jumbotron” at the Mercedes Benz Superdome during the Sugar Bowl game between Oklahoma and Alabama.

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As the UK Daily Mail reports about a Bama mama:

A female American football fan took the tackling into the stands on Thursday night when she attacked a male fan at the Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Oklahoma. Michelle Pritchett, who supports Alabama, was caught on camera diving over other members of the crowd to get to Oklahoma fan Michael Connolly. The victim of the attack later tweeted that Pritchett is a mother of three and that her children were in attendance at the Superdome in New Orleans.

No good or bad deed goes uncovered thanks to video capability on cell phones. As well, there are reports that Philadelphia police officers will be undercover in New Orleans Saints gear this evening today at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. those who know sports, know that Philly fans are renowned for their, shall I say, less than welcome sentiments to opposing team fans.

I enjoy a good sports matchup and everyone knows my allegiances; Tennessee Volunteers, Kansas State Wildcats, Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, and the Atlanta sports teams. However, I also realize that it is just a game, and the sun will rise the following day.

Of course I cheer for a victory when my favorite teams play (as listed in order of support). But it’s not worth fighting over, nah – my country is worth fighting for.

As we wind down another football season let’s take a note from the episode at the Sugar Bowl and ask ourselves, “do I really want the world to see me leaping into a crowd?” We know the stories of fans being attacked and injured horribly. Doesn’t belong in a sporting event.

So instead of ending on this bad note, those of you who have attended a college bowl game this season, tell us about your positive experience, and if possible, share your pictures.

And as for the BCS College National Championship, first a bit of trivia, the first BCS championship game in 1998 pitted the Tennessee Volunteers against the Florida State Seminoles, the Vols prevailed 23-16. I believe Auburn is a team of destiny. Who will ever forget the end of the games against Georgia and Alabama?

However, their defense looked very suspect against Mizzou in the SEC championship. Florida State is without a doubt an exceptional team but their ACC schedule is not as tough as an SEC schedule. I believe the game will be high scoring but I give the final advantage to Auburn — hey, we have that rule in the SEC, we cheer against each other in conference, but for each other otherwise.

War Damn Eagle!

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