Heed these words, part 1: NYC Comptroller follows de Blasio’s Marxist lead

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I love the music from the 80s. The other day I heard one of my favorite songs from that era by Missing Persons — “Words” — and the refrain truly struck a chord: “What are words for, when no one listens anymore?” Unfortunately, with our sound bite mentality, we are no longer paying attention to words — to our detriment.

The progressive agenda being laid out by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is truly frightening as we reported yesterday. He clearly articulated his plans to attack free market success in the nation’s largest city. Was anyone paying attention?

Scott Stringer, the new Comptroller of New York City, is unfortunately on the same page. Here’s some of what he had to say in his inaugural address:

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There will be those who say that we as a city cannot afford to tackle poverty and inequality. As Comptroller, I say we can’t afford not to. I believe that pursing a progressive agenda and being fiscally responsible is not mutually exclusive. We can and we must do both… And just as America has historically looked to New York for inspiration, so the country once again turns its eyes toward us today, to this city, to our people, for a blueprint of a thriving hopeful future, to a city that puts people above politics, and shared prosperity above individual success.

I hate to break it to the NYC Comptroller, but it is impossible to pursue a progressive agenda and be fiscally responsible. A progressive agenda is rooted in a Marxist/socialist governing philosophy, which means a government-centric economy aimed at wealth redistribution to combat “inequality.” The result is and always has been that government grows in size and scope to provide more services under the guise of fairness.

It eventually leads to higher government spending and that means taking more resources from the hard working and/or more borrowing, an increase in debt, and of course larger deficits.

Stringer unabashedly articulates his bottom line for a progressive agenda: shared prosperity above individual success. Those words should send a chill down the backs of every New Yorker and every American. The Comptroller of the nation’s largest city does not believe in the fundamental premise upon which America was created — individual rights and determination.

This is the essence of the “collective vision” of a progressive agenda. Yes, it’s a communist manifesto, the reduction of the individual and the elevation of the group, the collective. What are words for when no one listens anymore?

Perhaps some are listening because apparently Florida just surpassed New York in terms of population. Of course the weather is better down here, but I’m quite certain taxes have a little to do with the decision to move as well.
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