Liberal black leaders wage “war on women” over judicial appointments

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Civil rights leaders are showing their “true colors” again in my home state of Georgia over judicial appointments.

According to Politico,

President Barack Obama has upset Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and other civil rights leaders by ignoring their input in picking four nominees to fill vacancies on the federal bench in Georgia’s Northern District.

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Lewis and fellow Presidential Medal of Freedom winners Joseph Lowery and C.T. Vivian are expected to ask Obama to withdraw his nominees — a demand that is unlikely to be met — amid concerns about the judges’ records and convictions on matters of importance to African-Americans.

The three appointments in question are:

Mark Cohen — the lead defense attorney in challenges to Georgia’s voter ID law.
Michael Boggs – a state judge who, as a member of the state Legislature, once voted to keep in place the Confederate-themed Georgia state flag
Eleanor Ross – a female state judge who is black and (gasp) a REPUBLICAN

The fourth nominee (not being specifically contested by Lewis) is Leigh Martin May – a female trial lawyer who is white — but a Democrat.

Why is Ross such a troublesome choice for Lewis? According to Joe Saunders, writing for BizPac Review,

U.S. Rep. John L. Lewis (D-Ga) is accusing the president of selling out his political base by naming Eleanor Ross as a federal judge. She is, literally, not politically correct enough. Since most black women are Democrats, Lewis reasons, any black woman Obama appoints should be Democrat, too.

Saunders points out the obvious irony:

The first black president names the first black woman to the federal bench in Georgia and “civil rights leaders” who’ve made skin color a primary way of judging people for decades are furious because she’s not their kind.

It’s always been absurd to me how the only politically acceptable black is a liberal progressive democrat black. If you dare to think for yourself as a black conservative, there’s open season on your hide.

It is horribly appalling how these “black civil rights leaders” will allow white liberal progressives to viciously attack blacks who are conservatives and not say a word about racism or discrimination. Actually, it’s not just appalling, it is deeply disturbing, because in the case of Judge Ross, qualifications mean nothing and her color is dismissed because she did not follow the crowd.

Rep. John Lewis and his ilk demonstrate their self-serving personal agenda of denigrating anyone who has a dissenting voice. The hypocrisy of how the media relates to black conservative Republicans is so very blatant.

This case also clearly demonstrates who is raging the real “war on women.” The Democrats want to keep black women in their place, on the political plantation.

It’s sad. God gave us all a brain and as Americans we have free will and choice in how we live our lives. But for liberal progressives, you’re not allowed to choose the political philosophy that best suits your life, especially if you’re black. Of course, they’ll fight for your right to kill your unborn baby.

I’m sorry, but that whole mindless lemming thing ain’t for me. What about you?

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