Video: Fatah announces plan to bomb and kidnap Israelis to extort prisoner release

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I received a news release from the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) (best wishes to Mort Klein, by the way), which is quite disturbing and appropriate for these times:

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a U.S.- and European-designated terrorist group and armed wing of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah, the dominant party controlling the Palestinian Authority (PA), has threatened to kidnap Israeli soldiers in order to extort the release by Israel of convicted and jailed Palestinian terrorists in Israel.

Now of course David Kirkpatrick, the NY Times writer who recently brushed aside any tie to terrorism in the Benghazi raid, would say “hey, nothing to worry about, these guys are not al-Qaida, just a low level Islamic militia.” What a chucklehead. When is the US going to stop focusing on what individual team the jihadis belong to like it’s some sporting match?

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This news coincides with some reports that US Secretary of State John Kerry is considering releasing Israeli citizen and prisoner, Jonathan Pollard in exchange for Israel releasing imprisoned Palestinian terrorists.

We must understand that negotiating with Islamic terrorists is viewed as weakness. I’m not alone in this view:

ZOA has long argued that freeing jailed Palestinian terrorists in exchange for kidnapped Israelis rewards terrorists; allows terrorists to go undeterred at the prospect of long prison sentences when experience confirms that they have good chance of being released early; boosts the standing and morale of the most extreme Palestinian terrorist groups, and will result in the murder of additional Israelis by terrorists freed under such deals.

There is nothing secret about the terrorists’ plans. They’ve posted their intent on Fatah’s Facebook page and in a YouTube video. You can watch the video here and sing along with jaunty call to arms theme and see a masked terrorist boast:

Praise Allah, our Jihad fighters have managed to develop these rockets so they will reach the Zionist depth [Israel], Allah willing, to a distance of 45 km. inside the occupied Palestinian territories.

I want to reiterate a simple point: who cares what they name themselves? These Islamic totalitarian groups are united by a common goal: world domination of Islam and subjugation or death for non-believers.

If we are foolish enough to listen to the politically-motivated propagandists of the NY Times, then we are emboldening this vile enemy. There can be no doubt that Islamic terrorists have an enabling ally in progressive socialists who prefer a policy of “coexistence” and political correctness.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now dealing with the Caucasus Emirate and the Islamic terrorists, the Chechens. President Putin has vowed to annihilate these Islamic terrorists — ever heard President Obama state the same? And I wonder why not…

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