My resolutions for 2014. What are yours?

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The year of 2014 will be a turning point for America. It hope it will be the year of jubilee, when freedom-loving Americans are able to look into the eyes of their children and grandchildren and pass on the precious elements of the American DNA — liberty, opportunity, and security.

My resolutions are simple. I will continue to advocate for the restoration of our country as a Constitutional Republic and the recommitment of our nation to the principles of constitutional conservatism.

I will do my best to be obedient to God’s will for my life.

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I see something happening in America, which I find encouraging. I believe more of us are taking a stand. America has fallen to the whims of the progressive socialists but the tide is turning. This is not about Republicans or Democrats but rather about a governing philosophy, which upholds the fundamental and founding principles of our great nation.

President Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” our America, and every day we see more of what that means. His vision of a government-centric dependency society is being rejected.

Liberal progressives aren’t going down without a fight — but they are fearful and nervous (you can see evidence of that in their comments on these pages).

Such verbal assaults only serve to reinforce our energies to stay on the offensive and be relentless in our stand. I pray you will continue to stand with me.

The West family is headed to Orlando today to see the girls’ cousin, Sherard Cadogan, a 6’3″ 233 lb Wisconsin Badger who will be taking on the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Capitol One Bowl game tomorrow. It will be nice for them to see him and know he has family in the stands cheering him on. We do have one rule in the SEC: we cheer against each other in conference but for each other in bowl games.

I hope you enjoy the bowl games and a safe celebration of the New Year. Let us pray for a 2014 that is healthy and prosperous for our nation.
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