Only 5 shopping days left for… light bulbs!

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Just when you thought big government couldn’t get any worse, well, it’s about to happen. Hat tip to my dear friend over at BizPac Review, Michael Dorstewitz, for reminding us all,

The American public will soon be forced to purchase a product that’s severely overpriced, hazardous to our health and doesn’t live up to all its hype — and I’m not talking about Obamacare.

We now have a mere five shopping days left to stock up on a product Americans have relied on for their general household lighting needs almost since its perfection by Thomas Edison 134 years ago — the incandescent bulb.

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On January first, it will go the way of the dodo bird.

You might have thought that with all the problems in America — i.e. tax code, regulatory and monetary reform (yep, we are printing $85 billion/month), an absent foreign policy, a weakening national security posture, Americans held hostage all over the world, Christians being attacked and murdered, and of course the ominous Obamacare — January 1, 2014 wouldn’t represent “just” the day when many Americans will find out they probably don’t have health insurance, BUT they will have to buy fluorescent bulbs.

Why you ask? Because in their dubious design, the people who believe they know what is best for us — US Congress, primarily progressive socialists — mandated it so. And not to be left out in the cold, even some Republicans went along with this inane scheme.

Dorstewitz explains how he tried a very expensive GE “Energy Smart” 75, with disappointing results. It lacked intensity and cast a weak glow “in a ghastly pallor straight from the movie Night of the Living Dead.”

However, that’s not the only surprise awaiting you, when you’re forced to buy them. If you break one you’re cautioned to retreat from the premises immediately and do everything short of calling in the hazmat team. That’s because they’re packed with mercury – and carcinogens.

So, it has actually happened, our federal government is telling us what type of light bulb we can use. And don’t forget the government regulates the amount of water you can use for flushing your toilet.

So get out there and stock up on those light bulbs that have stood the test of time and were indicative of American ingenuity. God bless you Thomas Edison.

So what do you think will be the next insidious intrusion of the federal government into our lives? Give us your thoughts and ideas and perhaps we can head those varmints off at the pass!
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