The Christian Exodus

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Many thousands of years ago, Jews made an exodus out of Egypt into the Holy Land. Now it appears there is an exodus of Christians out of that land. As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, it is of particular concern to me that Christians may one day no longer be able to celebrate His birth in His birthplace.

As Prince Charles recently articulated, there is a purging of Christians in the Middle East. This segment from 60 Minutes attempted to blame the exodus of Christians from Bethlehem on Israeli “occupation.” I would humbly ask you to watch the segment, as former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Michael Oren, calls out reporter Bob Simon for trying to do a hatchet piece on Israel. I hold Ambassador Oren in high regard, and having had a few meetings with him can confirm he tells the truth like none other.

Angela and I traveled to the Holy Land of Israel back in August of 2011. We were part of a Congressional delegation and educational trip. We will never forget the day we were to visit Bethlehem when our Jewish tour guide and bus driver were ordered off the bus and replaced by an Arab driver — at least our tour guide was a Christian priest. We found out that Jews were not allowed into Bethlehem. How interesting — going to the place where Jesus Christ, a Jew, was born, and Jews were not allowed.

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That was something 60 Minutes conveniently left out. And attempting to blame the Christian exodus on Israel is typical progressive socialist propaganda seeking to create a chasm between Jews and Christians — another Alinsky tactic of the liberal left.

The wall around Bethlehem was built because of Islamic Palestinian terrorism and is a matter of survival for the State of Israel. It is also clear to me that Muslim immigration into Bethlehem is driving Christians out. Given the evidence of what Muslims consider “coexistence,” I would rather have the Holy Lands under Israeli control.

So as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and honor our Judeo-Christian faith heritage — ask yourself, could there be a day in the near future when Christians will not live, nor be able to visit the beautiful place where Jesus was born?

Merry Christmas to my Christian brothers and sisters living in the Holy Land — I got your back!

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