Anal Jihad –what will Phil say about this? Yes, there’s video.

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Jonah Goldberg has revealed some rather “clinical” details about martyrdom operations one might call “anal jihad” that I’m sure you won’t hear any complaint about from GLAAD.

Goldberg wrote in the National Review:

“Apparently a fellow writing into a Jihadi chat show wants to do “martyrdom operations.” The sheikh he talked to says they’ve got a great new technique to blow up infidels. We hide explosives up your butt. There’s just one hitch. You’ve got to be repeatedly sodomized in order to be able to accommodate the explosive. So, the questioner wants to know if it is permissible for him to be regularly rogered, if doing so makes his posterior more amenable to hiding explosives.”

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You can watch the exchange on the video featuring Shiite cleric Abdallah Al-Khilaf – although thankfully, not the training process. The cleric says that even though sodomy is forbidden, if it is necessary for anal jihad, well, then it is required. Because jihad is the highest obligation. Of course.

Jonah Goldberg and I have the same thought:

Now, what I find hilarious here is that it never occurs to anyone that there might be some kind of technological work-around short of repeated sodomy. You know, maybe there’s a device or a technique, something that is a little less unpleasant, inconvenient or forbidden than straight-up buggery? Nope. Gotta go with the sodomy.

Come on, does anyone believe we can seriously “coexist” with this violent theocratic-political totalitarian — and idiotic — ideology? I want to believe this is all a hoax but it appears not to be the case.

Don’t tell me this is just a small radical element. And I hope this post will make it to the computer of the Council for Islamic American Affairs (CAIR) head Islamist, Nihad Awad.

One thing for certain, I sympathize with any TSA agent who draws THIS inspection duty — but ya gotta take one for the country!

(By the way, a hat tip to my wife Angela for finding and posting this story to her “Republican Coffee Corner” Facebook page — which you can access by clicking on the pink Facebook icon on the top right-hand corner of this page. As a matter of fact, we shared a nice Norwegian cruise this summer with Jonah Goldberg.)
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