Latest Obamacare exemptions all part of grand plan to destabilize industry

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If you thought the “Mommy Summit” at the White House was pathetic wait ‘til you see Obama’s message to young men to wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, and talk about Obamacare. Of course, we had to do our own version. Click to enlarge.


With these latest Obamacare exemptions, it looks like desperation is setting in, but I’m not so sure. There’s a bigger picture here.

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Late Thursday Fox News reported, “The Obama administration, in an 11th-hour change just before the holiday break, announced a major exemption in ObamaCare that will let people who lost coverage and are struggling to get a new plan sign up for bare-bones policies.”

In other words, the “junk plans” deemed substandard by President Obama and Secretary Sebelius are now acceptable – more lies, deception, and hypocrisy.

However, the insurance industry was none too pleased about this change, saying such a shift would cause “tremendous instability.”

The administration downplayed the change, saying they expected it to impact fewer than 500,000 people – that’s a long way from the nearly 6 million Americans who were forced to lose their healthcare coverage because of hidden mandated minimum standards that made THEIR plans non-compliant with Obamacare.

An insurance official told Fox the industry fears far more than 500,000 people will apply.

The Obama administration appears to recognize Obamacare is failing and the fundamental premise is flawed – let alone a botched website. Now the authors of confusion will do everything they can to destabilize and subsequently demonize the insurance industry (who should have known better than to “dance with the devil by the pale moon light”) in order to shift blame away from themselves.

The end state for Obama is to come out and declare, “this has proven quite difficult to implement and we are not achieving our goals because of the recalcitrance and lack of cooperation from the insurance industry, who would rather make greater profits than provide affordable healthcare coverage. I therefore believe that the only way we can achieve our true goal, universal healthcare for every America, is to move to a single payer system.”

These progressive socialists are so predictable, and that is the real reason why John Podesta was brought on board for just one year. What we need to do is start preparing to bombard the White House and Secretary Sebelius and tell them we “peeked at your hold card” and know exactly what you’re planning to do.

This is why you need military strategists in elected office. We evaluate and assess the other guys’ plan before we develop our own, and then attack. Obamacare was never intended to work, it was intended to fail and inflict pain as it did and then erode the private sector insurance industry.

They are well on their way, although the ineptness is pretty entertaining. The nefarious intention is deviously brilliant, but still devious. Just ask yourself, how is it that just back in October, President Obama castigated these healthcare plans as substandard and now all of a sudden they’re acceptable as an exemption? It’s all part of the grand plan.

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