Shock: Left says another stupid thing, this time about Fox

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It just never ceases to amaze me how absolutely delusional the Left truly is and how they’ll go to no end to manipulate truth.

According to Newsmax,

“The liberal media-watchdog group backed by billionaire George Soros says its “war” on Fox News is over, claiming it has neutralized the right-leaning network and no longer sees it as a threat. “It’s not just that it’s over, but it was very successful,” Media Matters Executive Vice President Angelo Carusone bragged late this week to The Huffington Post. “To a large extent, we won,” he said.

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Fox News didn’t comment about the Media Matters so-called truce, perhaps because Roger Ailes and his executive staff were laughing too hard. A recent poll shows the network remains on top when it comes to viewer trust regarding Obamacare (for example), putting it ahead of President Barack Obama, other major news networks, and even members of respondents’ families.

Seems that would be enough to convey the influence that the Fox News Network possesses. But no. The main rationale behind the claims is that the network has made key programming changes, moving Sean Hannity to 10 p.m. and bringing in Megyn Kelly to fill the prime 9 p.m. spot. Because Media Matters believes Megyn Kelly is less “conservative” they think they’ve won.

Now follow me on this, what if during a football game, after a team had been running effective defense schemes, the other team made some adjustments to their offense, changed personnel, and scored four straight touchdowns and were leading 28-0. The losing team would then tout, “Ha, we are winning because we made them change their players and offensive play calling.”

How stupid does that sound? Well, that is just how stupid Media Matters sounds. Fox is kicking their tails, and you can tell because the White House despises Fox, regardless of who the commentators are. But because Roger Ailes called an “audible” to enhance his effectiveness, these chuckleheads are claiming success? How utterly loony and desperate.

But even more laughable and hypocritical, is that the group admits to being backed by billionaire George Soros who therefore is supporting suppression of free speech and free press — while liberal progressives scream about the Koch brothers who back a group called “Americans for Prosperity.”

Could you imagine the outcry from the Left if there was a conservative billionaire whose raison d’être was to neutralize a liberal progressive media outlet? Could you imagine what would happen if a Republican president constantly singled out one media source and cast them in a negative light?

I’ve met Roger Ailes on several occasions. He’s simply brilliant and understands how to convey truth. The Orwellian progressive socialists who seek to control messaging are terribly frustrated by the success of Fox and will spin anything to advance their deception. Hey, Media Matters, I’ll be on with Megyn Kelly tonight and she is killing it!

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