Why don’t liberals decry the Islamic war on women?

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I was so humbled and glad to have been given a DVD copy of the documentary “Honor Diaries” Produced by Alex Traiman and presented by a true Valkyrie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The film concerns the gender apartheid occurring in the Islamic world as told by nine women.

The story of Ms. Hirsi Ali is one of courage in refusing her forced marriage, as directed by Sharia law. Even in Afghanistan we reported that Justice Department there is considering stoning as an accepted punishment for adultery.

Yet, here in America we have privileged white liberal progressive women, such as Sandra Fluke, who want to make us believe there is some kind of faux war on women because she feels the government should purchase her birth control.

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Perhaps Ms. Fluke should see this documentary and learn about female genital mutilation and its harmful results. If Time Magazine wanted to make a stand for Muslim women, and indeed women worldwide, they would have selected Malala Yousafzai as its Person of the Year.

Malala is the face of women’s equality and the quest for education and yet it is in western civilization where she was been denied the appropriate recognition, which would have been a Nobel Peace Prize.

However, the liberal progressives chose Pope Francis, who they felt promoted their message of social and economic justice, as you have seen many liberals parrot after his selection. Why? Why are liberals, who profess to be advocates for women’s rights, so deaf, dumb, and blind to the heinous treatment of women in the Islamic world?

It’s simple: fear. Now you can bet if it were Christians persecuting women in this manner liberal progressives would be in full attack mode. Consider the hypocrisy of how liberals attack Christians for not supporting gay marriage because of their faith — I fully support civil unions.

However, when was the last time these liberal champions of “gay rights” said anything about how homosexuals are executed in the Islamic world? Consider the practice of forced child marriages in the Islamic world with girls as young as nine. Of course it is in keeping with the tradition of Muhammad who took six-year-old Aisha as his bride and consummated the marriage when she was nine – today, that would be called pedophilia.

I will never forget meeting and embracing Julie Aftab, a Pakistani woman who had acid thrown on her by a Muslim man just because she refused his admonition to convert to Islam. Consdier the practice of honor killings and violence against women who shame their families, according to some insidious Sharia -based Islamic code. And it is happening right here in America.

Ms. Fluke, NOW, Nancy Pelosi, y’all listening? Nah, because this does not fit into your political agenda and the same Democrat party is allowing Muslim Brotherhood front groups to have court with them and the Obama administration.

I condemn these liberal progressives, especially the women, who are turning their backs on these women, particularly in America where they thought they would flee these heinous practices.

There is an unholy alliance between progressive socialists and Islamic totalitarians that must be exposed and defeated. I recommend everyone watch this documentary. Go to www.honordiaries.com and let the truth be known, this is shameful and must be stopped.

We cannot allow political correctness and cultural relativism and ignorance to force us to bury our heads in the sand as this is occurring all around us. If we allow being called an “Islamophobe” to silence our voices, then we are guilty of perpetuating this violence and allowing the intolerant to dictate standards of tolerance.

The better angels of our nature must refuse this abhorrent behavior and not coexist with it. God bless you Ayaan Hirsi Ali and as I promised Julie Aftab, I will not rest until this barbaric violence against women ends.

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