Colin Powell’s continued fall from grace

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There can be no doubt that at one time, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State, General Powell was seen as the epitome of American leadership who many slated to be president one day.

However, it seems a perceived slight from the Bush administration set Powell on a course of a scorned and vengeful man. Saddest of all is that General Powell, in his search for some form of recompence, has sacrificed his principles.

I remember General Powell’s tv ad during the 2012 presidential election crediting Obama with economic restoration.

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However, Powell’s recent fall from grace has him endorsing a single-payer healthcare system.

According to Newsmax, Powell told the Puget Sound Business Journal:

“I think universal healthcare is one of the things we should really be focused on, and I hope that will happen. Whether it’s Obamacare or son of Obamacare, I don’t care. As long as we get it done.”

How is it that someone who wore the uniform of this great nation and stood on freedom’s ramparts against the enemies of liberty, communists and socialists, now embraces one of their fundamental tenets?

Powell continued:

“And I don’t see why we can’t do what Europe is doing, what Canada is doing, what Korea is doing, what all these other places are doing.”

General Powell, Sir, it is not working in those countries, first of all, which is why Canadians have healthcare brokers who find them medical services in America. As well Sir, look up the death rate for prostate cancer in England as compared to the United States.

General Powell says, “We are a wealthy-enough country with the capacity to make sure that every one of our fellow citizens has access to quality healthcare.”

Sir, we are a wealthy country that does ensure every American, including those here illegally, have access to quality healthcare. What we need is to expand the opportunities for Americans to enjoy all the privileges this nation affords. The last thing we need is to expand government control over one of the most personal decisions, our health. Sir, I wrote about free market principled means by which we improve the American healthcare system.

Sadly, General Colin Powell was a role model whom I once held in high regard. He has broken his oath to the Constitution, which limits government intrusion and invasion into the lives of American citizens. Therefore, I can no longer view him as the honorable man I wanted to emulate.

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