Another white combat vet murdered by black thugs

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Once again we’ve apparently lost an American combat veteran to the nefarious and criminal intentions of thugs.

As reported by Mary Chastain at

“New dad and Iraq War Veteran Jim Vester, 32, was at an Indianapolis parking lot to buy an iPad with sellers from Craigslist when two assailants allegedly ambushed and shot him dead. The veteran Indiana Army guardsman was slain during a 4 p.m. robbery in the parking lot of the Wyckford Commons apartment complex, 900 Wyckford Drive,

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SSG Vester was trying to buy an iPad from a seller he contacted on Craigslist, a family acquaintance and law enforcement sources said.

“He knew it wasn’t the best neighborhood, that’s why he went in the middle of the afternoon,” said family friend Sarah Hill about Vester’s arrangement to buy the tablet. “He was being careful.”

The suspects in the killing are brothers Tyron Kincade, 19, and Tyshaune Kincade, 18 who have been arrested and are being held on preliminary charges of murder and robbery. Police caught them during a traffic stop.

Here we go again, with shades of the attack on 88-year-old World War II veteran Delbert Belton in Spokane, Washington. What is going on in the inner city that respect for life has descended into this utter abyss? Two brothers — what of the values of their family?

If there were more job opportunities for these black teens would this have happened? If their high school had an JROTC program with men and women who instilled in them a different set a core values, would this have happened?

We must solve this problem of black crime and the decimation of the black family and destruction of core values. If these young men are so doggone set on killing people, I know some places they could go where there’s a bunch of Islamic jihadists looking forward to having 72 virgins.

Nah, that would take courage and a commitment to defend this country and its core values. These kids are wanton, disrespectful killers and a scourge to our society.

Imagine if SSG Vester had gone armed to the rendezvous and when confronted by these two teenagers, gunned them down instead — yep, you all know what would have been the immediate outcry. My recommendation? Either stop the Craiglist link transactions, but if you don’t, go armed with backup — who is also armed.

Those recommendations won’t help SSG Vester, who leaves behind his son Gavin — who just turned one in November — and his wife Jamie. SSG Vester’s friends have started a donation site for his family. They’ve reached $64,623 of their $100,000 goal so far – you can help too.

The animals who perpetrated this heinous ambush-style attack deserve no pity, no consideration of their “circumstances.” They made a decision and they should suffer the same consequences.

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