The rats are jumping back on: Podesta joins Obama’s team

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The ship of state is taking on water, so instead of casting off extra weight and baggage, Obama has radioed for help to bring on even more extra weight and baggage.

According to Phillip Rucker of the Washington Post,

John D. Podesta, who was chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and is one of the Democratic Party’s most experienced strategists, is joining the White House to help President Obama salvage what has become a difficult second term.

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Podesta is the guy who helped guide then-President Bill Clinton through the tumultuous waters of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Now he’s being summoned to be the “clean-up hitter” for the Obama administration. What I find absolutely appalling is that with all the lies, deceit, failures, and abject incompetence, not a doggone member of Obama’s cabinet has been fired, but instead they’re hiring more people – that’s sure to improve those job numbers.

Rucker also says:

Obama also has recruited Phil Schiliro, the legislative affairs director during the president’s first term and a veteran congressional operative, to return to the White House and spearhead health-care issues.

Obviously the Clinton political machine recognizes the high level of toxicity the Obama administration is infusing into the Democrat party. They certainly realize if Hillary decides to run, having the baggage and memory of the sinking of the USS Obama will not bode well for her chances. The sad thing is this move is all about politics, not policy.

This obvious act of desperation is about style, image and not about protecting the livelihood of the hard working American — just about saving the legacy of Barack Obama and the party of the jackass. John Podesta is just another progressive socialist hack who was President of the Center for American Progress, a rather oxymoronic title considering how progressive policies retard economic growth.

Podesta has been informally advising Hillary Clinton and was helping Priorities USA Action, a super PAC that supported Obama’s reelection and would most likely back Clinton if she runs in 2016. In other words, Podesta is the advance guard whose mission it is to clear the way for the “heiress-apparent.” Well, hate to tell ya ol’ Johnny boy, but we sure look forward to spoiling your plans.
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