“Obama Coalition” no longer so hot on “cool” president

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As Byron York writes in the Washington Examiner:

President Obama won re-election with the rock-solid support of what has become known as the “Obama Coalition” — young people, minorities, women, and low-income voters. Without a firm foundation — and high turnout — among those groups, Obama would not be in the White House today.

Yesterday I spoke at an event supporting the London Center for Policy Research for whom I have the distinct honor of being a Senior Fellow. After my remarks, a woman said to me, “You are so cool,” to which I replied, “my daughters would never characterize me that way!”

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This woman (who works for NBC, but not the news bureau) told me her daughter had supported Barack Obama because he was so cool, but now despises him because she doesn’t like a “celebrity president.” While she wholeheartedly admitted she isn’t overly “political,” this lady thought I was “cool” because I articulated the issues and solutions in a manner that made her interested.

And so it seems that trite, poll-tested and marketed soundbites of hope and change, forward, war on women, tax the rich, fair share and one percent vs 99 percent mean nothing when people are losing jobs and their healthcare coverage.

York writes,

Obama’s job approval rating among Hispanic Americans has plunged from 75 percent in December 2012 to 52 percent today — a drop of 23 percentage points, the sharpest decline among any voter group. Among Americans who make less than $24,000 a year, the president’s approval rating has fallen from 64 percent last December to 46 percent today. Among Americans 18 to 29 years of age, it has fallen from 61 percent to 46 percent. Among women, it has fallen from 57 percent to 43 percent.

However, there is still one group that hasn’t awakened from its stupor, even while suffering the most under the failures of Obama: the black community. Still, support is down nonetheless, from 92 percent to 83 percent today.

Imagine if in the next presidential election, Democrats received only 80% of the black vote — still high — but that would put two torpedoes broadside in the USS Progressive Socialist.

All the soaring rhetoric means nothing when you’re struggling and just got a cancellation notice from your insurance company and doctor.

The hip-hop bounce down the stairs of Air Force One seems more arrogant when you can’t afford to fill your grocery cart or gasoline tank. Singing Al Green at rallies is embarrassing when our kids are trapped in failing schools.

Maybe we’re finally witnessing the day when cool became uncool, and being able to lead and speak from the heart without a teleprompter became cool. Our nation depends on it.

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